Galina Konstantyuk Exhibition

The exhibition of the famous Ukrainian artist Galina Konstantyuk presents new works of the Lviv artist, as well as those who have already enjoyed the Kiev viewer.
"The image of a woman is dominant in the work of Galina Konstantyuk: sad or jammed, joyful or romantic - each of them attracts attention to the bright, characteristic of the Lviv school of painting, decorative. Only sometimes, the" sorceresses "of Galina Konstantyuk look directly at the viewer - they are mostly self-made, and their the view is reduced to the heavens, the peculiar expressiveness of each portrait is greatly enhanced by the details that there are in the portraits, and it is felt that the artist thoroughly thinks and draws clothes, jewelry and objects that surround the heroine. details are not trivial, rather, they have keys to understanding the image. " (Natalya Sukholit).
The exhibition is open every day from 11-00 to 19-00, on Saturday and Sunday - until 18-00.