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Anniversary in half a century!

A landmark event has recently taken place - the presentation of an album dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the Kiev Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. And it all began in the distant years when the Ukrainian state was actively formed in all multifaceted spheres of its development. CONSHU has officially declared its activity since 1969, when a small circle of enthusiasts laid the groundwork for its development. Today, it is a powerful creative team that united 1412 artists who worthily represent Ukrainian art in various forms of fine arts through exhibition, museum, gallery and publishing activities. The capital of Ukraine received monuments that were included in the treasury of national culture. Thematic creative events filled the metropolitan art space with a special spirit of aesthetic coloring, when through artistic images not only the creative potential of the artists was revealed, but also the humane values ​​that enriched the national face of the Ukrainian people were brought to life.

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A collective exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists

We invite the artists to take part in the collective exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists, which will take place in the gallery "Mytets" from December 23, 2019 to January 3, 2020. For more information call (044) 234-40-06.

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Exhibition of contemporary Kiev artists

On November 12, at 17-00, an exhibition of paintings and prints by Kyiv artists will open at the Mytets Gallery (12 V.Vasylkivska St.). The exhibition features works by Kateryna Buryak, Marianna Maslova, Diana Kushnarenko, Tatiana Melnychuk, Maryna Stogniyeva, Olga Shelest, Tatiana Gulevets, Olga Labunskaya, Larisa Kukareka and Tatiana Samoilovich.

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