The bridge is spiritual

"I always tried to find the right tone of my time and tried to be responsible to the artists of three generations, whom I knew personally."
Boris Kogan
Recent events on the planet are combined with anxiety, sadness, pain, negative mood of all mankind. Everyone is alarmed by the signs of a pandemic that has covered humanity like the ninth shaft. But life goes on and little by little a person recovers from the tragedy that she caused. The general ignorance of man to nature, the spread of cruelty, greed, accumulation, disrespect for each other pushed progressive evolution back to the era of barbarism.
In this painful nativity scene, it is difficult for creative individuals to exist, for whom the source of inspiration is the environment.

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"Fragments" from three famous artists

We draw culture, professionalism, originality, originality from the SOURCE of creative inspiration of three famous artists - Anna Mironova, Kateryna Radko and Yuri Pshenichny. A joint exhibition called "Fragments" opened at the art gallery "Artist". Colleagues on creativity, relatives, friends were at the vernissage ... The People's Artist of Ukraine, academician, Vasyl Yevdokymovych Perevalsky, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Chairman of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Viktor Ivanovych Konoval greeted. The moderator of the project is Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, art critic, gallery director Karina Dmytrivna Kravets.

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