Maryan Savelyev is one of the last romantics

Man's activities affect the world around him. This is especially true of creative individuals who have the gift to change it through their original artistic images. All these features are inherent in the famous representative of the Kiev School of Fine Arts sculptor Maryan Ivanovich Savelyev (1932-2013), which will be discussed in this article.
A retrospective exhibition in memory of M. Savelyev opened at the Artist Gallery, with all the precautions that are marked by the post-quarantine period, said the director of the gallery, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, art critic Karina Kravets. At the exhibition, created with the support of the sculptor’s son Ivan Grigoriev, you can see not only the sculpture, but also the characteristic drawings of early art.

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Stop Covid-19

The poster and graphic design section of KONSHU has opened the first Stop Covid-19 poster exhibition in quarantined Kyiv in the shop windows of the Artist Gallery. Round the clock, free of charge, in compliance with the requirements of quarantine time.

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Documentary film "Maria and Martha" directed by Natalia Patrakova

Documentary film "Maria and Martha" directed by Natalia Patrakova, created at the film studio "Cinematographer" with the assistance of the State Cinematography Service in 2007.
Timing - 23 minutes

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Sergei Smetankin's "imagination" is confusing

Sometimes you come to the exhibition and at first glance you are captivated by feelings. Something persistently enters your soul and a kind of communication with the author begins. It happened at the exhibition "Imagination", which was arranged by a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Serhiy Smetankin. It was only then that I learned that the artist had not received a professional education, and on his own he mastered painting step by step.
Dawn in Root said the classic and I began to immerse myself in artistic images that directly touched the most cherished strings of the soul. The retrospective exhibition had its artistic face, which showed that the author has a natural creative vision, successfully places emphasis and creates an oasis of beauty full of life-giving energy. By the way, S. Smetankin entered the Ukrainian record book as an artist who simultaneously presented an exhibition of his own 190 works.

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On the altar of love are historical monuments

The annual solemn action in honor of the memory of the great scientist and patriot of Ukraine - archaeologist, art historian, museum historian, artist, teacher - Mykola Omelyanovich Makarenko (1877-1938) was held on February 4, the day of his birth, in Mikhailovsky Moskichilovsky. It began, as always, with a personal funeral liturgy in the main temple, which was sent, accompanied by a men's choir, to the clergy of the monastery, led by Archimandrite Lawrence. The service was also attended by students of the Orthodox Theological Academy, headed by the Vice-Rector, Archpriest VitaliyKlos and representatives of the public organization Sumy Zemlystvo in the City of Kiev. After the departure, all present traditionally laid flowers at the bust of Mykola Makarenko next to the gate of the Economic Gate of the monastery and made a memorable photo.

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Invitation to participate!

Dear friends, we invite you to take part in the project dedicated to Makarenko.

The festivities will start from 10.00 on February 4 in the premises of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, the funeral lithium, laying flowers to the bust of M. Makarenko, the passage to the Museum (2 floor of the bell tower of the St. Michael's Monastery ..).

Project of Efremova.

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