Kyiv art party of the 70s

When it comes to a well-known person in the artistic circle, it is not easy to build a canvas to cover all the components of her creative biography. Congratulating Oleksandr Milovzorov on the opening of the next personal exhibition "Kyiv Art Party of the 70's", I recalled the significant events that revealed the difficult period of the 70's in Ukrainian society. Independence has not yet been proclaimed, but its origins have boiled in the hearts and minds of progressive youth. In different formats there were creative centers in which bright personalities were in the lead, among which there was Alexander Milovzorov.

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In search of the meaning of the image…

A triumphant cultural and artistic event took place at the Artist Art Gallery, which represents the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Maria Levitska, the stenographer and chief artist of the National Opera of Ukraine, celebrated her creative achievements in recent years with a retrospective exhibition entitled "Dressing the Opera".

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In search of harmony and beauty

Back in my student years, I fell in love with the aphorism of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius "fermatas, utilities, verities" translated as "Strength, benefit, beauty." All these components are essentially close to the specialists who work in the field of interior design, among which the name of Kira-Anastasia Nechay has appeared.
The future artist was born in the family of famous Ukrainian artists - Nechay Stepan Omelyanovich and Nechay-Soroka Svetlana Arkadyevna in Vinnytsia in 1074. Kira grew up in a creative environment, from childhood she developed alongside such a luminary of Ukrainian art as Soroka Arkady Vasyliovych, her grandfather.

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