Soul sings in colors

"Do not betray the land that has grown to you"
Recently in the artist's house there was an exhibition of paintings by a brush artist from Sumy, Nadezhda Polyan-Vnukova. Fans of fine arts are familiar with the works of the artist, because such a spirituality that she creates in their paintings will not leave anyone indifferent.
Hope was born in the renowned city of Romeni, Sumy region, and endlessly in love with her history, nature, people. She does not need to look for scenes, overcome the stages of building a composition, pick up a color gamut. All of these qualities are endowed with nature, and therefore the true truth, sincerity, frankness is heard in the works of the artist. Hope knows the history of his land well, he celebrates traditions and folk ceremonies, keeps national achievements in his writings.
N.V. Poluyan-Vnukova is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, has numerous awards, honors, but the main thing for her is the recognition of people. With great gratitude, the artist remembered her mother, Katerina Andreevna, who considered her spiritual teacher, she was her chief censor, adviser, custodian of her works. Apparently, at the opening of the exhibition, Nadezhda shared the most intimate and dear to her - the love of her mother, who had recently gone to eternity. That is why the theme of gratitude through the entire strip through the whole exposition passes through. Indeed, the central picture - still life with all the ingredients for borscht is impressive in beauty and elegant transparent painting. This dish is a brand of Ukrainian cuisine, and an authority for each hostess, the secrets of his cooking are passed from generation to generation.
What cares the attractive artist? First of all, the views of his native Romny region, where she was born, admiring historical monuments, came to her grandmother in the village. Transparent Sula with romantic shores, hills with rage of grass, flowering gardens turn into a representation of Hope in artistic images that fill the surrounding world with fairy-tale beauty.
That is the flowering pear, or the old apple tree, the stooges, fences or fiery chornobryty near the house. You look at the pictures and hear the soul song, the fragrance of the bread fields and you are filled with pride for your native land-livelihood.
Artists are subject to different seasons, but especially attracted by the snow-white paintings, where the environment is filled with amazing calmness and purity, a mood of serene joy. It should be called the spring plot depicting a gorgeous lace of the forest, when the blueprints of the snowflakes are overlooked amongst the last snowstorms. All these motives are near us, they are simple and everyday, but the artist is able to turn them into a solemn performance where the anthem is singled out by nature.
Hope is not a professional artist, she is a native. The train to her creativity was felt by her mother, who gave her daughter to study at the local drawing teacher Lina Semenovna Breus. The creative abilities of Hope have yielded fruitful results, and she achieved her own work of the heights of realistic art, which was inherent in the Movemen who created an entire era of realistic art direction. It is such pictures of potatoes, cakes and apples, pots with milk and various vegetables.
Everything depicting the artist is filled with beauty and falls into the heart of the viewer. Particularly landscapes with roads that bring romantic memories, warm the soul in a chamber mood. "The hustlers. Spring hills ", or" Rhombus field "or" Fall from childhood ".
We came to congratulate Nadiya Polyan-Vnukova her friends on study, friends in art, admirers of her work, fellow countrymen. Ivan Ryshniak, the head of the public organization "Sumy Tovarivstvo in the City of Kyiv", noted the extraordinary talent of the artist, whose creativity is proud of all Sumy region. Yuri Vitrenko, chairman of the "Romny Fellowship", wished new creative upswing for the benefit of art throughout Ukraine. Her paintings are decorated by many museums and galleries of Ukraine, and they are pleasing to the owners of many private collections.
"We are pleased to show works of high artistic quality in the exhibition halls of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine," said Igor Voloshchuk, director of the exhibition of art exhibitions. There are artists who make a lot of effort in search of a transparent color scheme, and Hope is endowed with imaginative talent and managed to create his own artistic style by his own work.
The creative range of the artist includes landscapes, still lifes, portraits that gain special significance from a perfect figure and a picturesque performance. Always in her pictures feels the presence of a person, drawn them or not, is not very important. The theme of labor and man-owner of his own land is a red ribbon passing through all the work of the artist. Nadia Polyan-Vnukova enriched the treasury of contemporary Ukrainian fine arts with its accomplishments of special culture and refinement, deep philosophical content and lyrical mood.
Valentina Yefremova art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, countryman