The centenary of the leading creative educational institution of Ukraine is devoted

Each event in the capital of Ukraine is accompanied by a meaningful project. This happened with the anniversary of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, to which the team of the educational institution was preparing in advance. A number of exhibitions took place in Kyiv, mobile in Ukraine, scientific conferences, round tables, discussions, presentations of printed publications.
The educational establishment was initiated by prominent figures of culture, science and art in the stormy 1917, academician M. Hrushevsky, scientists D. Antonovich and G. Pavlovsky, brothers Vasily and Fedor Krichevsky, V. Meller, M. Boychuk, O. Murashko, G. Narbut, M. Burachek, M.Zhuk, A.Manevich formed his academic school of instruction. In the course of the century a whole galaxy of outstanding world-class artists was brought up. The founders of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts not only combined old traditions of Ukrainian art with new achievements of European artistic trends, but also created their own national school that gave bright sprouts
original national color. Thus, the Ukrainian community received its own artistic face and glory on a European scale.
Rector NAOMA, People's Artist of Ukraine, academician, professor, winner of the Shevchenko Prize, Andriy Chebykin, managed to bring the university's educational process to a high modern level, as evidenced by contacts with foreign countries, sending their talented youth to study and internship at NAOMA. "For more than 20 years, the Academy has been cooperating with China, we are educating painters, graphic artists, architects, restorers, art historians. We cooperate with similar universities of Estonia, Armenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, in addition, our teachers constantly participate in exhibition projects abroad, and students study under the program "Erasmus", - said Chebikin.
At the solemn gathering in the NAOMA assembly hall the flower of the Ukrainian nation was gathered. It was not just a leading anniversary event that the people's artist of Ukraine, the winner of the Shevchenko Prize Bohdan Benyuk set up bridges between students, graduate students, faculty, graduates of NAOMA and well-known guests. It was nice to applaud the state awards handed over by the advisor to the President of Ukraine Yu.Bogutsky. The Order for Merits of the 2nd Century was awarded by architect L. Pribega, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine S.Stoopin, the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine - O. Batenko and A.Tverdiy; Honored Architect of Ukraine A.Davidov, Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine - M.Sochenko, O.Petrenko, V.Svinariev.
At the festivities, the greetings of the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko, the Prime Minister of Ukraine V.Groysman, and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine A.Parubia were announced. The leading creative establishments of Ukraine, public organizations of the capital presented the addresses and nominal gifts.
The Kiev organization of the National Union of Artists has produced a rare photo from the time of the newly created Academy of the Petr Slyoti-Galina Zori family archive. The photo presented by the head of the Union Viktor Konoval with deputy Natalia Kochal depicts an elite of Ukrainian culture and art led by Fyodor Krichevsky, Peter Sliot, Volodymyr Boldyrev, Genadiy Titov, Sergei Grigoriev ... ..
The congratulations from the Institute of MT Rila of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, the winner of the National Prize of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko, the winner of the P. Biletsky Prize, the president of the Ukrainian Section of the International Association of Art Critics AISA Zoya Chegusova and the renowned art historian, IMF "Studio of Art Studies" magazine Rostislav Zabasty. Former students of NAOMA presented a five-volume edition of the History of Decorative Arts of Ukraine, which traces the history of the development of decorative and applied art of Ukraine from the beginning to the present.
I wanted to mention a number of exhibitions devoted to the NAOMA anniversary as a personal - People's Artist of Ukraine laureate of the National Award of Taras Shevchenko M. Stroozhenka (1928-2013) by the Honored Artist of Ukraine G.Yahodkin, Honored Art Workers I.Pilipenko and G.Galinskaya; Family - "The Way from the Father to the Son" by Volodymyr and Alexander Masykov; "Native and different" from four generations of artists E.Volobuev and O.Jablonskaya; retrospective of the department of drawing; the works of leading masters of the brush of NAOMA entitled "Around My Being". In the Nebo gallery, an exhibition-contest "Heirs" was held in which young graphic artists took part. Gallery "Mityts" presented works by graduates of the University of Honored Artist of Ukraine D.Nagurny; the "Together for Life" project by the Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, art critic V. Yefremova; "Ukrainian Patterns" by the painter S.Anoshkina, "Straw Lacquer" by leading painter N.Coal and many others.
The author of the publication was lucky to study at the State Art Institute (now NAOMA) at the Faculty of History and Theory of Fine Arts. With gratitude, V.Efremov remembers happy student years and a powerful team of teachers - P. Biletskiy, L.Sak, V.Vladich, P.Hovdy, O.Tieshchenko, L.Milyaev, and others. A collection of hundred articles in the collection was presented as a gift to the library of the university. which are not just highlighted the work of graduates NAOMA, they can trace a peculiar chronicle of cultural and artistic events in the history of the Ukrainian people.
The decoration of the solemn meeting was the performance of the chamber orchestra of the Lviv National Musical Academy named after. PI Tchaikovsky (conductor, rector of the Academy I. Pilatyuk), who masterly performed the piece by Antonio Vivaldi "Four Seasons of the Year". It was like a blessing of the celebrations present and wishes for the future of the new generation of graduates of the Academy to keep the flag of the artistic school up high.

NAOMA graduate student in 1964, art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, laureate of Plato Biletsky's prize Valentyna Yefremova
Photo by the author.