Bulgarian Spring Exhibition

Painting, graphics, sculpture
March 2-9, 2018
From 2 to 9 March, the Bulgarian Spring exhibition will take place in the Art Gallery of the Kiev Artists' Union of Ukraine (12, Velyka Vasylkivska Str.). The exhibition is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke.
The organizers are the Embassy of Bulgaria in Ukraine, the Association of Bulgarians of Ukraine, the Society of Bulgarian Culture "Rodolubiy" and the Art Gallery "Mytets".
The desire for independence is one of the main features that connect Ukraine and Bulgaria. The long-standing friendship, cultural, ethnic and linguistic proximity of our countries provide new opportunities for the process of mutual penetration of cultures, which has become extremely important nowadays.
Exhibitions of the exhibition featured works by famous Bulgarian artists (Jordan Mostlykov, Ivan Stoyanov), Ukrainian artists of Bulgarian origin (Larisa Pukhanova, Volodymyr Filatov, Oleksandr Kary, Pavel Balamadzhy, Ivan and Zlaty Shishman, Peter and Larisa Chakir, Anna Kharchenko Balamadzhy ) and artists who sincerely love Bulgaria have repeatedly visited and painted Bulgarian landscapes (Alexei Vozianov, Viktor Medvedev, Oksana Stratiychuk, Vitaliy Prizant, Anna Primakova, Alexei Bednoy, Oksana Kartavetsova, adyma Zhukovsky, Tatiana and Olga Didenko Shishman).
The paintings, drawings and sculptures presented at the exhibition are a reflection of the artists' souls on the poetic beauty of Bulgaria, a deep respect for its historical figures and cultural values.
Tel. for information: +38 044 234 40 06