"Paradise Country"

I am especially pleased to write about the work of Alexander Nikolayevich Cherednichenko. First of all, we associate the joint attraction of fine arts, the historical Sumy region, the participation of the artist in the artistic competition dedicated to M. M. Makarenko, the open-airs and exhibitions organized by Sumy Tovarichstva in the city of Kiev. Cherednichenko dedicated his exhibition "Paradise Country" to Ukraine, namely, to the Ukrainian land, which is so eloquently sung by Kobzar, glorified by Alexander Oles, voiced by Yevhen Adamstsevich "Cossack March".
His jubilee is the Honored Artist of Ukraine, the winner of the Sumy Regional Council in the field of fine arts and Sumy Fellowship in Kyiv. M.Makarenko met a retrospective exhibition filled with a solar palette, completed with compositions of multi-genre paintings. Opening the exhibition Director of the NKhU Exhibition Directorate, Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine I. Voloshchuk emphasized the achievements of O. Chredinichenko, in which there is an academic Kharkiv school. And this is not bad, because the artist received higher creative education at the Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute, choosing the faculty of interior and equipment on the specialty "Artist of Decorative Art" (1977-1982). A monumental vision of the overall composition of the painting, gives his works a special significance, completeness. It feels that the artist himself is fascinated by a well-regarded landscape and wants to convey his enthusiasm to the audience. It is such his paintings with majestic panoramic motifs like "Noon", "Sunshine", "Smooth" or an exciting painting with a high horizon "Storm".
Alexander Cherednichenko is an acclaimed artist on a balanced palette, whether it is a maritime with juicy watermelons, shining with a shaggy or tender, full of romantic mood in pictures with spring countryside streets, an incredible variety of charming flowers. The artist is able to place accents where the ratio of cold and warm planes highlights the mood of creative design. Such are the landscapes that excited the views of Cherednichenko, such as "Wintry Spring Day", "Babi Summer", "Pink Evening", or "Snow It Again".
Along with landscape works, the artist focuses on still lifes and portraits. Sometimes he combines both types of art as in the painting "In the make-up", with the romantic image of the magic Ukrainian. The strange state of love, zaimiastnosti felt in his intimate female images with "Portrait of Mom", beautiful women in embroidery "For the yarn", or a mysterious woman "Under the umbrella." A pictorial language with a cascade of light-shadow reflexes successfully highlights selected perspectives with mysterious views that induce dialogue.
Cherednichenko seeks to show the Ukrainian woman a guardian of the human race, a worker and portrays her models in a typical environment as on the canvas "Morning", where a woman with a pot of milk prepares a breakfast or a pair of young men's "For the wicker". The works of O.Cheredinichenko are featured in general exhibitions in a vivid mood, a transparent bright palette, a frank and exciting plan. This is especially true of a series of portraits dedicated to Mom, "Ukrainian", "Mavka", "In the make-up", "Yasochko", "Sunny Wreath", etc.
Indeed, nature inspires the artist, he feels its fluctuations and creates a peculiar hymn of praise, as in a series of paintings depicting boats. The artist invites us to travel with his marine motifs "Flowering Time", "Yacht Club", "Balaklava. Boats "," Near the pier "," Kotorsky port ". On these canvases, the sun rays play the silver scattering on the sea waves creating a magic carnival.
Among the presented works are motifs with rural streets, livestock, flowers in the courtyard of the hut. Melvins, peonies, chamomile, lilacs, sunflowers speak of a strange power of enchantment. How not to love you, my native land, full of beauty and majesty, because around the silver of spring flowers, blue flower delicacy, spread the tender lilac!
No wonder the Cherednichenko palette was polished for many years at the open-air sites in Sednev, Chuguev, Zaporozhye, Crimea, Konotop, Western Ukraine, Montenegro and Chuvashia. The sketches created there are full of creative inspiration, they become a solid ground for future compositions of philosophical content in which the dynamic temperament of the artist rages. Definitely, before us, thinking artist is full of joy, goodness, noble culture.
Congratulated O. Chrednychenko, Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of the Sumy Regional State Administration R.Gritsaenko, Head of the Sumy Organization of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Honored Artist of Ukraine I.Hopatchenko, friends at the creative workshop, laureates of the National Taras Shevchenko Prize V.Kovtun and V.Melnichenko, folk artists of Ukraine S. Kovtun and L. Tishchenko, fans from "Sumy Fellowship in Kyiv".
The prestigious medal of the prize winner named after Tetyana Yablonska was presented by K. Chernyavsky, deputy chairman of the NSChE, and M. Kischuk, the executive secretary of the NSCU. Oleksandr Cherednichenko is an active public figure, he is a member of the board of the NGO "Sobor" public organization, for many years - the permanent chairman of the jury of regional and city children's competitions in fine arts and crafts, and the permanent head of the group of artists of the International Repinsky plein air in Chuguyev. The works of the artist are decorated with numerous art galleries, museums of Ukraine and foreign countries.
So let our holy Ukrainian land be filled with strange beauty and peaceful sky as in the works of a Sumy painter who is able to create a paradise on earth.
Valentina Yefremova art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine