Solemn presentation of Kyiv art award

On May 23, 2018, on the occasion of the Day of Kyiv, the solemn presentation of the Kiev Art Award was held. Winners were greeted by the director of the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration Diane Popov, reported the press service of the KSCA.
Awarded an art prize to nine prominent figures of the capital in seven nominations: in the field of cinema art, musical composition, journalism, theatrical, fine arts, folk decorative and choreographic arts.
In the field of fine arts - Sergei Shishko's Kyiv-based arts prize was given to Kotsiyana Volodymyrivna Kosyanenko - painter-painter, a member of the NSChA.
The prize was awarded for the cycle of paintings "Graffiti for Anna" (2016).
In the frameworks of the 2nd International Festival of Arts "Anna Kiev Fest" in the exhibition halls of the "Hlibnia" gallery of the national reserve "Sofia Kiivska" on 17.06-17.07.2016 the exhibition of painting by Katerina Kosianenko "Graffiti for Anna" was held. The curator of the exhibition is Tetyana Kalita, the Kyiv gallery "KalitaArtClub".
The graphic series "Graffiti for Anna" is a visual dialogue between antiquity and present, an appeal to ancient times with their high spiritual artistic patterns, in particular, mosaics and frescoes of the Kiev St. Sophia Cathedral. It is incredibly interesting to feel the influence of antiquity on the present, to find a connection with the primary sources, to find a common language, to trace the milestones of evolution, and sometimes signs of a certain degradation.
June 2, 2018