Chronicler of life's truth

These words belong to the artist Petr Ivanovich Kodiev (1899-1962), whose creative path was formed during the difficult period of the totalitarian regime in Ukraine. His work was little known to the general public, but thanks to the research of the doctor of art, Alexei Rogotchenko managed to create an idea about the complex life and creative way of the artist. A monograph of the daughter of a painter of art historian, doctor of cultural science, Olena Kodyeva, revealed herself to the specialists as the artist managed to realize himself, being in the very epicenter of extremely complex and controversial events of the Civil and Great Patriotic War. P.Kodeyev mastered various genres and techniques and created entire cycles of artistic works in which the true life of the Ukrainian people rages.
Peter Kodiev is not an exhilarating artist, he seems to be out of sight and a microphone, but his voice confidently touches the strings of the soul and fills the feeling of nobility, purity of thoughts, high artistic levels. aesthetic pleasure. That is why, according to the director of the gallery Anna Lavreha, the presented exhibition impresses with its museum level. Indeed, every work, and 35 of them, demonstrates the versatility of the creative gift of the artist, found his own creative style within the framework of a realistic method, confirms the identity of the Kiev art school.
With paintings one can talk about the results of such a conversation, not only aesthetic pleasure, but also enriching with knowledge. The history of the Ukrainian people in names, dates, events passes through the created art images Kodeyev. He appeals to the theme of the Cossacks, the builders of socialism, Shevchenko, the creation of collective farms, the military theme. A separate conversation relates to a portrait series, in which not only the creative tastes of the artist are revealed, but we can follow the circle of prominent personalities who formed the creative elite of the capital. And these are famous writers, artists, actors I.Izhakevich, O.Vyshnya, A.Paschenko, V.Kasiyan, T. Yablonska, P.Panch, M.Lysenko, M. Bazhan, I.Kavaleridze, P.Slot, I. Makogon, O. Tishchenko, P.Govda, L.Milyaeva.
hematic paintings show the excitement of the artist for the fate of his people, especially such works as "The Roads of Petliurivshchina", "A Minute of Joy", "On the collective farm field". In still life, there is always a purely Ukrainian cultural heritage. And as the artist was attracted by gifts of gardens and gardens, in these paintings he sung the beauty of nature. Most of all, the character of the artist, in my opinion, is revealed in a series of landscapes with such motifs as "Forest Silence", "Autumn Calm", "River Stogna", "Lake Spill in Concha Zaspa", "Autumn. In the Botanical Garden ". It is in these writings that Petro Kodiev presents himself with one another with the chosen motive and frankly reveals his soul ...
Petro Kodiev was born in the city of Novoheorgievsk (now Svitlovodsk, Kirovograd region) in the worker's family. In 1919 - 1920 he fought in the fields of the Civil War, and then participated in the reconstruction of the Donbas. 1929-1932 study at the Kiev Art Institute. Workshop of teachers on painting by A. Cherkassky and V.Palmova.
From 1931 to 1934 he worked as the director of the Kyiv State Art College. From 1934 to 1938 he was in the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Union Organizing Committee. In 1938 he organized the work of restoring works of fine art in Ukraine and became the first director of the State Research and Restoration Workshop. From 1943 to 1945 he worked as the Director of the Picture Funds of Ukrainian Art Museums, who were evacuated to Ufa.
The works of P. Kodyev are kept in museums and private collections of Ukraine and abroad.
Valentina Yefremova art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, holder of the Order of the Holy Martyr Barbara.
Photo of the artist's family