Announced a set of creative works at the anniversary exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the CONSU

   Announced a set of creative works at the anniversary exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the CONSU. The exhibition will be held from 01 to 11 February 2019 in the exhibition halls of the Central House of Artists / Vol. Sichovykh Striltsev, 1-5 /. The members of the CONSUL and the Youth Association have the right to participate in the exhibition.
1. Selection of works is carried out on photos of works, which are sent to the e-mail:
from 01.11 to 01.12.2018. Photos of the works should be in digital format JPG 300 dpi, size up to A-4. A text file containing information about the provided products must be attached to the e-mail: the file name must coincide with the work list, the numbering in the list should be the same as the file name of the works. Files of poor quality are taken on mobile phones, tablets will not be considered. Send no more than 3 images. To submit the works to the discretion of the exhibition committee, the following data must be provided:
- Surname, I'm a father-in-law without a reduction
- mobile phone number and e-mail
- name of work, material, technique, size of work in cm / height, length, width /, year of execution.
To prevent mistakes, provide information in Ukrainian.
Pictures received after the specified date will not be considered.
Information about the jury's decision will be posted further.
Participant personally provides works, selected juries to the DV NSCU January 24, 2019 from 11.00 to 16.00. Works must be signed and fully prepared for exhibition.
2. Participation in the catalog:
- 1 page - 800 UAH / In this amount also includes the decoration of the works, the invitation and the banner /. 1 note The catalog is guaranteed to the participant.
- 25 UAH / for those who do not participate in the directory / - the hole, the invitation and the banner.
Contact telephones: Leonora Yakimashchenko - 050-546-77-72
Svetlana Brinyuk - 067-367-76-68