Anniversary exhibition of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine

Truth is said that in life as a long field, everything happens .. But there are weighty components that reflect the general condition of the creative person. First of all, it is a relentless desire to make the world better. The artist feels life through the artistic images that arise in his presentation, and then gives them all their talent, energy, and feeling. Among the 500 works presented at the anniversary exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, there are unique images that reflect the history of the Ukrainian people. There were raids and difficult times of survival in the life cycle of the artists: the name of our organization changed many times, there were different groups, regional branches were formed, local ones, which nowadays are 33. Some have reached a high professional level and show a separate creative school such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv , therefore a significant part of the exposition was formed from the funds of the NSChA and the works of the above-mentioned organizations.

The union includes art centers in Lviv, Opishne, Petrykivtsy who successfully develop such folk crafts as painting, embroidery, art ceramics, weaving. Wide geographic representation as a consequence of focusing on regional artistic schools, gives an idea of ​​the uniqueness of creative gifts from the West to the East, North to the South of our country.
Volodymyr Chepelyk, the National People's Artist of Ukraine, National Taras Shevchenko Prize laureate, chairman of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Volodymyr Chepelyk noted some achievements of artists who during their creative life serve their talents to increase the spiritual values ​​of Ukraine. The Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevgeniy Nyshchuk handed the welcome to the President of Ukraine. It is noted that the state appreciates the contribution of artists to the cultural development of the Ukrainian people, therefore there are such titles as national, honored, laureate, and the highest award of the T. Shevchenko National Prize. Indeed, no state celebratory event takes place without artists.
The names of prominent artists from different regions of Ukraine are woven into the Ukrainian wreath of glory, who presented their works at the jubilee exhibition. A special thanks to the directorate of exhibitions, for the arranged professional exposition, noted the Honored Artist of Ukraine, the head of the Kiev Union Victor Konoval.
 I recall the years of study at the first-class teachers of the Kyiv State Art Institute, which laid a solid foundation for their pupils, with the unique knowledge that gradually formed the history of fine arts in Ukraine. Generations by generation artists created a unique cultural and artistic treasury of the Ukrainian people. Someone was fascinated by the paintings of T. Yablonska, M. Hlushenko, S. Shishka, someone was inspired by M. Boychuk, F. Krichevsky, for someone's authority was I.Makohon, V.Boroday, V.Gurin or M.Storozhenko ... Anyway, Each student chose a workshop to study for their creative preferences. After studying, certain participation in exhibitions, a significant part of the artists entered the Union.
 Painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts are professionally represented in a single exposition, which impresses with original works, bright achievements, and innovative ideas. The decoration of the exhibition was the work of our corsets "Khreshchatyk" S.Shishka (1911-1997), "Academic cottage" by A.Plamenitsky (1920-1982), "Landscape Sea" by M.Gluschenko (1901-1977), "Golden bowl" by S.Grigoriev (1910-1988), "Flowers of the South" by V. Tsvetkova (1917-2007) and others.
Many works by contemporary artists have devoted their attention to art colleagues. V.Chepelik created the image of "V.Moroz" in bronze, V.Kovtun's picturesque "Portrait of T.Yablonska", V.Hanotsky "Portrait of People's Artist of Ukraine S.Gurbanov". Picturesque Ukraine shines on the canvases of A. Zorko "Flower field", Furlet "My Ukraine", O. Olkhov "Summer", N. Karveva-Gotti "Evening on Verkhniy valley street", T. Krasnaja "Sednivsky autumn", M.Kishchuk "Coming soon. Carpathians », A.Gorbenko« Crimean architecture. Odessa "and many other works.
The artistic bridges combined Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Mariupol, Zaporizhzhya, Poltava, Brovary, Mirgorod, Bucha of the Kyiv region into a single chain of love and beauty, spirituality for aesthetic pleasure. Brilliant features of the presented exhibition were new artistic ideas, rethinking Ukrainian history, the love of honey . There is a high professional level of the presented works which testifies to the powerful Ukrainian art school, which shows Ukraine in a significant place in the world community.
"A rich mosaic of works by Ukrainian artists creates a powerful layer of world culture. Keeping the traditions of the national art school, developing modern innovations, you establish universal values ​​", - said E. Nishchuk in his speech.
So let Ms. Muse continue to inspire each artist in the glory of the art and culture of our State.
Valentina Yefremova, art critic, honored worker of Ukrainian culture.
  Photo by the author, Exhibition Directorate, A. Lukyanenko