90 years of M. Storozhenka

Influence of Mykola Storozhenko's creativity
  on the upbringing of society's outlook
(90th anniversary of the birthday is devoted
Nikolai Andreevich Storozhenka 1928-2018)
Nikolai Andreevich Storozhenko referred to the activities of public organizations in particular with extraordinary warmth and respect. He was born in Sumy region in the village of Konakovo District, where he recently opened a memorial museum of his name. The works of M. Stroozhenka definitely became an ornament of mobile exhibitions organized by the public organization "Sumy Tatars in the City of Kyiv". So in the projects dedicated to the memory of M.O.Makarenko (1870-1938) there appeared "Portrait of the mother" of the Storozhenka's brush, the triptych of "Orpheus", a redefined interpretation of Kobzar with an epoch-making plot "To the Fundamentals". During one of our meetings, Nikolai Andreevich said about the importance of the influence of works on the consciousness of people. Indeed, the exhibition is one of the components in which the outlook of society is cultivated, so let's try to reveal this idea on the example of the above-mentioned works.