Exhibition "4 SEASONS"

On December 14 in the gallery, the artist will present a presentation of the painting exhibition "4 SEASONS", the dynasty of Kyiv artists Panas Titenko, Olena Yakovenko Oksana Tytenko and Artem Andreychuk (Kaffelman).
Panas Titenko - has the talent to see the treasure in simplicity and simplicity in diversity. By mastering improvisation, he can decompose the image into simple elements, on a few basic bright relationships of color and light, so that the space, mass, and movement can be woven from them immediately.
Painting Olena Yakovenko is a vibration of air and light, restraint and integrity, sensuality and fragility. Lyrical works of a realistic nature with a tangible manifestation of interest in impressionism.
In dynamic, expressive paintings of Oksana Titenko noticeable appeal to the expressiveness of post-impressionism and special attention to the emotionalcolor.
Artem Andreychuk (Kaffelman) is a painter who experiments in painting, combining completely different styles and techniques. The starting point in his work is the Western art of the 60's.