80 years of social experience

National Union of Artists - 80 years of social experience
On the occasion of the UCU anniversary, the Department of Criticism and Art Studies of the Kiev organization recently held an international scientific and practical conference. The initiator of the conference was the Kyiv organization NSChO, which in recent years has become the vanguard in the development of the cultural and artistic process of the capital of Ukraine. Art critic Anna Yarova became the curator of the event. The organizing committee has been composed of renowned scholars from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, the Institute of Contemporary Art of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, the MK Rylsky IFC, the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
The questions raised have been shown to be so significant is the multifaceted activity of art historians in the cultural space of the Ukrainian people. Declared topics have shown the importance of cooperation with artists, whose work influences the formation of the national face of the Ukrainian community, the education of aesthetic viewssocium.
In the opening speech, the chairman of the section, Doctor of Art, Alexei Rogotchenko, made an excursion to history and development starting from the day of the creation of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. From the outset, the main task of the organization was the care of artists, the creation of conditions for creativity, the search for orders and the popularization of works of art. And when the Department of Art History was opened in the Art State Institute in the 1930's and in the 50's the faculty of theory and history of art, a layer of professional staff appeared for state institutions. A great contribution to the training of specialists was made by such enthusiasts as P.Govda, Y.Aseev, P.Biletsky, L.Vladich, O.Govda, D.Kolesnikova, L.Milyaeva, A.Tishchenko, L.Sak, Y. Belichko, G. Zavarov, M. Krivolapov, G.Yuhimets, V.Julayta, etc. There was laid the foundation for the national science of art studies, and the research work on the multi-volume "History of Ukrainian Art", publishing activity began.
Each speaker highlighted problems and achievements in his field, declared proposals to the development of modern directions of NSCU. Viktor Sidorenko is a true member of the National Museum of Art, a folk artist of Ukraine, a laureate of the National Award. T. Shevchenko, director of the IPSM NAMU, has focused on the issues of the state and the development of contemporary art in Ukraine. The speaker noted that the important aspects in this area are the development of a conceptual direction of exhibitions, a concrete task for the future, the involvement of young people, professional decorating the public space.
Problems of pedagogical science were highlighted by A. Chebykin, V. Chernyavsky, V. Karpov, O. Lagutenko, I. Yakovets; development of galleries described N. Shpitovskaya, T. Mironova; exhibition opened. Sidor-Gibelinda. An expert view of an expert on the example of V. Zaretsky, A. Kryvolap, M., Guyda, A. Bludova, O. Reitburd and others. O.Avramenko, the candidate of art studies. The scientific issues were disclosed in the reports of O. Lagutenko, a correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Art Studies; E. Bystritsky Doctor of Philosophy, Director of the International Renaissance Foundation D. Soros.
An important thesis about the development of exhibition activity outside Ukraine, as one of the influential factors of cultural diplomacy, was declared by M. Guyda, a current member of the National Museum of Arts, a national artist of Ukraine, a professor, a laureate of the National Taras Shevchenko Prize. A striking example of the progressive development of artistic textiles, revealed in his study Z. Chegusova Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, winner of the National Taras Shevchenko Prize.
In the field of the conference were questions of Petrikov painting, as a way to the world recognition of the Ukrainian folk art, the collaboration of the galleries "Lavra", "M-17", Museum-workshop Ivan Kavaleridze from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The themes of the development of blacksmith art, the formation of Ukrainian art criticism, the development of a poster in the paradigm of social transformations, and others were considered. M. Kokuchubey told about the significance of the all-Ukrainian exhibition-competition named after G.Yakutovich for the creative development of young artists. The union has creative bases that warm up a special family in the work of artists, they need to be developed as international art residences, G. Yarov noted. Within the framework of the project "Graphics of the Ukrainian Language", the Honored Artist Professor V.Cebanik brilliantly held a master class on "Writing the Ukrainian Alphabet". The revived Cyrillic alphabet will help to build a national idea, enable students to identify themselves as citizens of a majestic independent state. Changes in the development of Ukrainian society form new directions for the activities of our organization, Viktor Konoval, the head of the Kiev organization of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, honored art worker. Art is a defense and a breakthrough in the future of our culture, because the development of such types of fine art as monumental sculpture, poster, painting, decoration of the urban environment are important. That is why the current state of modern building in Kiev is alarming, because what is happening is a humanitarian catastrophe, said art historian Mikhail Degtyarev.
Art historians take part in large-scale national and international creative projects that present Ukraine abroad. All this in general affects the formation of the national consciousness of the Ukrainian people, raising the culture to a higher level of European level.
The general mood of the conference showed how the creative intelligentsia is not indifferent to the problems of the development of the culture of the Ukrainian people, how the spiritual development of the state is formed. There were plans for the future of modern means of influencing the formation of the aesthetic views of the Ukrainian community.
Valentyna Yefremova art critic. Honored worker of culture of Ukraine.
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