On the way of creative destiny

Talk about the anniversary of the Honored Artist of Ukraine, famous graphic artist, designer, painter of the social activist Volodymyr Dmitrievich Ermakov.
Behind the gifted artist's brilliant creative way, life experience, great creative heritage, bright pages associated with Ukrainian culture. The artist's creativity was constantly in line with the military profession, which Vladimir Yermakov obtained at the Leningrad Higher Naval School, which he successfully graduated from in 1967. And then years of study at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, from experienced teachers A. Goncharov, M. Mytirich, O. Sidorov. It was there that during the classes teacher Goncharov discovered the talented talent of Vladimir Dmitrievich, which gradually opened in a magnificent portrait series, landscapes, full of lyrical mood and deep philosophical vision of the surrounding world.
During a conversation with an anniversary on the eve of his glorious 80th anniversary in the studio, Volodymyr Dmitrievich Ermakov with gratitude told about his participation in the country's movement. In fact, he is a regular participant in art exhibitions, artistic competitions, creative projects, which are organized in the community through the section of artists "Art Light". He is a member of the jury of the painting prize dedicated to M. M. Makarenko. Always gives interesting ideas, works with the views of the historical Glukhov region, portraits, still lifes. And today he prepared a retrospective exhibition, which he dreams of presenting to the Krai in his hometown. And Volodymyr Dmitrievich thanked the fate of friends for his work, with which he was united by Sumy Fellowship. First of all, it is friendship with the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, honored scientist, doctor of jurisprudence, artist Y. Shemshuchenko, a native of Glukhov, the affinity of the creative field to their relationship with personal psychic and cordiality.
VD Ermakov was born in 1938 in the city of Voronezh, but a significant part of school years is connected with the historic city of Hlukhov Sumy region. Father since childhood saw a drain of his son to paint and always supported him in all endeavors. V. Yermakov became a professional artist, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine in 2000, and won the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine in 1996. Juvilir occupied various positions in publishing business, participated in republican, national and international exhibitions. His personal exhibitions took place in Kiev, Hlukhiv, starting from 1995 to the present. The works of Volodymyr Dmitrievich are stored in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Art Museum of the city of Gluhov, and the museums of the Russian Federation.
Volodymyr Ermakov, today in creative quest, is hurrying to his studio every day to realize the need of the soul to paint and decorate the world with their unique original works. The saying "The road is being recovered by the one who goes" corresponds to his creative and vital principle. Congratulating the dear fellow countryman on the occasion of the holiday, we wish him a bright fate, good health, creative success and new achievements in the arts field.
Valentina Yefremova
 art critic
Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine
head of the section of artists of Sumy Fellowship
"Art Room".