Exhibition-Meditation "Invisible Thread"

June 10, at 17-00 in the art gallery "The artist" opens the exhibition-meditation "Invisible thread". The authors of the work - the legendary St. Petersburg mystics Vladimir Shuktomov (1957 - 1987) and his student, current master of kunda-yoga Vadim Chernykh.
In March and December 2018, exhibitions took place in Odessa.
May-June, November 2018 in St. Petersburg.
And now, welcome, Kiev!
Humanity knows a lot of symbolic systems in interaction with which - conscious and visualizing characters, identifying them with oneself, experiencing them, a person changes his mind, and with him - the state, the quality of his life.
The spectators will have a wonderful opportunity to touch the world of artists and reveal the symbols of their works.
The exhibition is open every day from 11-00 to 19-00, on Saturday and Sunday - until 18-00.