Georgi Pustovit Art Exhibition. Sculpture

On August 23, 2019, the art exhibition "George Pustovit. Sculpture" will open in the Metropolitan Art Gallery. This is the artist's first solo exhibition. It so happened in the life of George that all life-long art projects were in common with his father Gavril Mikhailovich and brother Sergiy.

Georgy Pustovit was born in Ukraine during the Soviet Union. What this means is best understood by witnesses of the day and historians: repression, constant censorship, impossibility of freedom of choice and search, information hunger and dependence on orders. The fate of the artist is closely intertwined with the fate of the country where he was born and lived. George Pustovit's creative journey was filled with searches and take-offs. However, the artist did not make full use of the potential measured by Heaven. Today you can only guess why it happened, not otherwise. Complex childhood, a tragic fate of the family, oppression and various restrictions - all these factors played not the best role. When, after every creative impulse, thoughts and ideas always stood alert to an internal censor that controlled and evaluated external risks and dangers - how the sculpture would be perceived by the public, whether they would find in it "underwater", incompatible with the socialist ideology of manifestation. And George Pustovite, with his sophisticated and deep philosophical outlook, should always be prepared to create the desired and the dreamy in spite of circumstances and prohibitions.

Free entrance. Printed catalog before the exhibition.