Ukraine in the works of George Pustovit

There are no accidents in life, everyone's own experience confirms it. All that can happen and happen to us, we wish this way - "programmed" in our destiny. Confirmation of this was the opening of the art exhibition "GeorgyPustovit. Sculpture", which took place in the gallery "Artist" on the Day of celebration of the National Flag of Ukraine.
The works presented not only revealed the creative path of the artist, who truly recorded significant historical events of the Ukrainian people. The presented catalog, compiled by Sukholit Natalia and Larisa Fedorov (Pustovit's wife), design by the famous artists of the capital Andriy and Oksana Budnikov, supplemented the not simple creative way of the artist, which reflected the difficult times of German occupation, famine, fate of repressed patriots of Ukraine, the period of formation of the patriots of Ukraine. unions of tamist schools.
Opening the exhibition the director of the gallery Honored Artist of Ukraine Anna Lavreha said that during the personal exhibitions of Georgy Pustovit (1941-2018) there was no, because all the art projects were in common with his father and brother, or other colleagues from the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. That is why the presented exhibition is of paramount importance for all Ukrainian art.
Georgy Gavrilovich was born in 1941 in Kyiv, successfully
He graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Kiev State Art Institute in 1964, serving the Soviet Army, and then worked his entire life at the Painting and Sculpture Works in Kiev. He was fluent in various kinds of fine arts, which confirmed the sculpture, painting and graphics presented at the exhibition, but he gave priority to plastics. Pustovit felt the material, so every work touched by the sensitive hands of the master, had its own distinct features of expressiveness, whether it be bronze, chamotte, wood, marble or tinted plaster.
“It was not easy for us to create the concept of the exhibition, so we went down the path of selecting the most characteristic works that revealed the traits of the artist's self-improvement, his outlook, and professionalism. We presented some of the works for the first time, ”said artist's wife Larisa Fedorov. There was such a peculiar conversation through artistic images filled with Ukrainian theme.
images as "Haydamak", "Kozak Mamai", "Mykhailo Hrushevsky", "T. Shevchenko" and others. The Kiev School of Art, which Georgiy Gavrilovich inherited from his father and through the creativity of the leading teachers of the Kyiv State Art Institute, I. Pleshchynskyi, V. Kasyan, M. Lysenko, I. Makogon, V.Boroday, is felt. "It should be noted that the figurative-portrait sculpture Pustovit has the features of his own creative style. On the whole, we can confirm that the sculptor has become a striking extension of the academic Ukrainian school, ”- noted Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Alisa Zaboy.
"Our ancestry is from an ancient Cossack family, from the village of Mezhyrichi in Cherkasy region, said sister G. Pustovit", - Oksana. This land is filled with facts about the heroic life of the Ukrainian people. Therefore, the iconic images of the times of the Kalyiv, Haidamachchyna, heroic Cossacks, were close to the outlook of George and he repeatedly appealed to them during his creative life.
The period of life of the Pustovit family in Kyiv in the house on Pankivska Street, where M. Grushevsky lived, allowed George to use the scientist's rare library, to see things of museum level, ancient porcelain, furniture, rare books. All this became a significant basis for forming the artistic tastes of George and his special formation in the treasury of national values ​​of the Ukrainian people. Therefore, the subject matter of the artist's works is partly due to the environment in which the future artist was brought up.
The traits of selfless service to the people and motherland are characteristic of such figures as T. Shevchenko, M. Grushevsky. L.Ukrainka influenced the world outlook of G.Pustovit and he addresses the topics that formed the independent Ukrainian community. The search for new artifact-confirmed images was embodied in Pustovit's programmatic works, which were included in the art treasury of independent Ukraine.
G. Pustovit perfectly mastered different genres: portrait, easel, memorial, monumental, medallion art, sculpture of small forms conquered its completion. He had a creative gift to express his feelings through plastic and enriched Ukrainian art with unique works. It is worth mentioning the memorial plaque to Mikhail Hrushevsky in bronze, erected in 1991 on Vladimirskaya Street, a park sculpture made of sandstone by Kozak-Mamaiya, created in 1998, a series of monuments dedicated to the liberators of the Great Patriotic War. He successfully conveyed the inner strength of his heroes, as in the image of Ivan Drach, whose bust he created in 1979. Along with realistic images full of sensitivity, such as "Egle Queen of the Roses" or "Valeria", we see a purely national image of a willful female artist Lesya Ukrainka dating back to 1991.
In interpretations such as "Observer", "Through the thorns to the stars" or "Everything sees and is silent" we see a tendency to generalize the form, the search for a symbolic dimension that is not subject to time. Among the one and a half thousandth staff of the Kiev organization of NSHU, G. Pustovit's contribution to the cultural and artistic treasury of Ukraine is special. Therefore, the exhibition and the catalog created are just a testimony of gratitude to the descendants of the unique talent who entered his page in the art school of the Ukrainian people, said the Honored sculptor of Ukraine Honored sculptor of Ukraine Viktor Konoval.
George Pustovit's works are stored in museums, private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Germany. High professional level of Pustovit's works allowed him to take part in international exhibitions, all-union, Kyiv city and symposia.
Valentina Efremova is an art critic, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine.
Photo by Yuriy Kukarchuk