The soul sings in colors

Amazingly arranged man, as if she has a real talent, then she will be able to overcome all obstacles to do her favorite thing. The talk will be about the artist Nikolai Stanislavovich Skobelsky exhibition of works which recently took place in the gallery "Artist". Skobelsky came to his anniversary with a powerful collection of works, which received a positive response from both specialists and fans of painting.
It so happened that Nikolai Stanislavovich received his art education only in an art studio, but that is where his creative abilities were revealed. It happened in Zhytomyr region where the future artist was born. The attraction to drawing soaked in picturesque landscapes of Polesie was embodied in professional artistic activity. And since 2000 Skobelsky began to take part in art exhibitions. Gradually he joined the circle of professional artists and became a member of the Kiev organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. A peculiar result of his creative achievements was a personal exhibition, where one can trace the path in which his own picturesque style was formed by M. Skobelsky. The beginning of creativity is marked by a series of completed compositions, with clearly defined plans, characteristic light-shadow gradations, weighted color planes, as in paintings "On the Seimas", "On the Fishing", or "Stormyt". But gradually, in his manner of writing, a free brush stroke of impressionist style emerges. The canvases of the last years "Carpathians after the rain", "Courtyard in Gurzuf", "Wine and Magnolia" fascinate with their lightness, ease, romance.
The harmonious palette that is inherent in the painting of Skobelsky, eloquently emphasizes the sublime mood that encompassed it during the seen motif. So in the imagination of the artist was born an artistic image filled with light, sun warmth, joy. M.Skobelsky enjoys panoramic views, historical sites andfill them with philosophical interpretations. So there are peculiar paintings-business cards that invite you to visit the "Sednivsky expanses", Near and Far caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Borychiv teak, Kirillov church, hills of the Dnieper, admire the sea coast of Crimea, or the grandeur of the Carpathian mountains. A well-chosen perspective helps to convey the identity of the chosen motive. It is, therefore, so pleasant to get to know one or another landscape, which is characteristic of the iconic places of Ukraine where the centuries-old history of our ancestors rages.
Painting of the artist can be divided into a series of works dedicated toindividual cities where he was a participant in plein air, where his picturesque manner was polished.And here in front of the owner of a sun-soaked, transparent, light-colored palette of positive mood. No matter what time of the year the artist dives, whether it is a gentle spring, a warm autumn, or a snowy winter, there is a sensual melody in every motive ...
Among the landscapes that dominated, there were still lifes filled with artifacts: flowers in a pitcher of Kosovo, a table decorated with an embroidered towel, or household items made of wood, which are characteristic features of rural life. In many works, we see people scurrying around their premises or near cattle on pastures. But more often than not, their presence is felt in boats on the banks of rivers, horses near carts, stacks or fences in the outskirts of the village. All these signs give pictures of a special state where a good, peaceful life, peace breaks out. This is our hardworking Ukrainian people, for whom native land and family virtues are important priorities of existence.
At the exhibition, many friends of the juvenile expressed their impressions of the pictures. Director of the gallery Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Anna Lavreha presented colleagues in the workshop of painters Petro Zykunov, Eduard Mezhul, Mykola Kanevsky. The adviser to the Consul of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Mr JacekHotzlovski, praised the works.
Before us an artist who confidently goes his creative way and generously gives others his vision of the appointment of man on earth. We wish the Jubilee of further new achievements on the thorny artistic path. Your original melody, Mr. Nikolai Stanislavovich, is heard and echoed by the inspiration and gratitude in our hearts.
Valentina Efremova is an art critic, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. Photo by Nikolai Skobelsky.