Professional Identity Card of the Professional Artist - member of the Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques (AIAP), which is a unit of UNESCO and headquartered in the UNESCO building in Paris. This document certifies your personal membership of the AIAAR International Association and confirms the recognition by the International Association of your personal international professionalism.

Unlike artists in many other countries, receiving this revered worldwide document, and especially among the arts, you do not have to bring your personal professional level and take long-term membership in the International Fine Arts Association.

This is the result of the long and painstaking work of the leadership of the National Committee of AIAR of Ukraine, which documented and substantially convinced the leadership of AIAR that every member of NSAU, joining our Union, has already passed a serious and painstaking professional selection, which fully meets the criteria of membership in the International Association of Elections The arts do not require new organizational efforts of the applicant for membership in the International Association, which, of course, would be complicated by the linguistic factor, remoteness, etc., as it is for the artists of those countries where there are no national unions of artists or have not cared for the international recognition of their members a priori.

If you deliberately limit your professional creative activity to the borders of Ukraine, you may not need this document, at least for now, since its main meaning is the activity of a professional national artist in the international environment and communication of the artist with the world. Within the borders of Ukraine, this function can still be fulfilled by a membership card of the NSAU.

But beyond its undeniable image-status function, your Professional Artist's International Identity Card is far more important. The card, in particular, allows free and unlimited visits to its owners in most museums in the world, or a great discount up to 90%. So on the Reverse of the Card you see the text addressed to AIRS and UNESCO to the directorates of the art museums of the world about free access to the Museum for the Card holders. The sample of the Card is the only one in the world and such a Card is undoubtedly recognized by museums operating in the UNESCO sphere. The list of these museums is on the AIAR website and includes all the most revered museums and many smaller ones.

Therefore, on every foreign trip, the Ukrainian artist-owner of the Card feels financially more free and practically unlimited in the choice of museums for inspection and work and saves hundreds of dollars - EURO.

Even more important for every professional Ukrainian artist, the content of the Professional Artist's International Identity Card is the fact that AIAR and UNESCO have implemented and implemented important initiatives to facilitate the transportation of the card holders' artwork outside their country - to exhibitions, auctions, for sale, etc. Specific details of substantially simplifying the procedures for customs clearance of works and collections of Ukrainian artists will exist and will be made known to the Cardholder, depending on the purpose and details of such transportation.

The AIRAR National Committee of Ukraine is cooperating on this issue with the Customs Service of Ukraine in order to familiarize it with and harmonize the procedure of transportation of works of art by professional artists of Ukraine with the modern UN and UNESCO world rules for facilitating the activity of professional artists.