Immense love, joy and goodness

It was this mood that filled the exhibition of eleven artists who demonstrated their abilities at Christmas Opening Day. The Artists' Art Gallery, owned by the Kyiv Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, hosted the artists. Despite the fact that amateur artists presented their works to the professionals, the artistic aura filled the room with high festive energy. “The exhibition showed that when a person has a talent and a keen desire to draw, all that is needed is to make an effort. As diplomats, financiers, lawyers, computer graphics masters, icon painters, designers, architects, programmers who participated in the opening day, have shown to artists of different professions. Despite the polar works and the multifaceted level of professionalism of the artists, the exhibition demonstrates the inexhaustible beauty of the surrounding world, openness, harmony of feelings. The authors, through their works, give us answers and explanations for different situations in life, ”said the gallery's deputy director Svetlana Shulga.

Some artists took the first steps in exhibition activities as diplomat Pavel Kiryakov, whose works were filled with romance and an exquisite light palette. He was drawn to drawing when he was a child, and his studies in creative studios directed the taste of the arts. Natural creativity and hard work have shaped the exquisite light palette and the desire to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Paul… noted that writing a picture is like a field sowing when the good grain falls into the fertile land and germinates… So in the creative process, first a blank paper or canvas, a drawing-scheme on which are applied colored spots, which gradually create into an artistic image, as in "Space is immense," "Night in My Garden," or "Autumn Dreams."
Tatiana Samotkina is an architect and programmer who is steadily stepping into the artistic Olympus in her creative way. She already has experience in national and international exhibitions, is able to attract the attention of specialists of fine arts.
Volodymyr Bezrobnyi master of watercolor engineering, designer. Its scenery is impeccable, every fan will be able to find not only his favorite motive, but also the desire to travel, because the etched motifs impress with unique beauty and multifaceted compositions. Tatiana Kara also prefers watercolors, but her paintings are filled with a peculiarly feminine ethereal mood. She has been a painter for a long time, has a professional education, striving for a philosophical interpretation of life. Marie Bari has a solid background in education and a distinctive style of painting. Therefore, her works of abstract direction impress with dynamism and irresistible joy. Light colors play with silvery waves in which genuine feelings erupt.
Natalka Vashchuk from Vinnytsia region gravitates to fairy-tale essays filled with primordial values. For the artist from Nikolaev Natalia Polinkevich, who decorated the exhibition with marine motifs, nature becomes a source of inspiration. gives her a positive reflection on life's collisions, helps her relax, focus on the main thing. the works have a special aura that influences the person with their openness and musicality, because in every part of the soul there are artists.
According to artist Alla Shlapak, participating in the exhibition gave her confidence in her abilities and further creative inspiration. And the motives for her paintings give her life and the environment. There is a kind of magic of creative inspiration that causes you to work every day.
What brings these different artists together? First of all - a passionate love for art, the desire to discover the world through their own artistic images and give joy to people. Winged remarks of world-class artists were inadvertently mentioned. So Claude Manet said that sincerity gives the paintings a special character, and Auguste Renoir sought to explain everything through the palette. What we see through the exhibited works of an exhibition of eleven artists, which is full of heartfelt feelings, harmonious color scheme and endless love for art.
As always, when you visit the most popular gallery of the capital, you get not only aesthetic pleasure, but also meet friends. That is why the ass is gaining a special humanity and spirituality. That is why wishes in the greeting words sounded full of love, sensitivity, significance, and in the opinion of Mother Teresa's glory was sleeping, who said: "Love is the only thing in the world that grows, it becomes all-embracing ... Eleven artists shared their love with friends and admirers of fine arts who came to congratulate the authors of these wonderful paintings on New Year and Merry Christmas. So, let this New Year be a tremendous impetus for the activities of every creative person who collaborates with the Art Gallery, whose authority grows every year.
In spite of the gloomy weather without the shining snow underwear, the presented works provided the feeling of those present with a festive sublime mood. The exhibition opened a window into the world of aesthetics and beauty, filling the hearts of those present with life-giving energy.
Valentina Efremova art critic, winner of the Beletsky Prize, winner of the Order of the Holy Martyr Barbara.