On the altar of love are historical monuments

The annual solemn action in honor of the memory of the great scientist and patriot of Ukraine - archaeologist, art historian, museum historian, artist, teacher - Mykola Omelyanovich Makarenko (1877-1938) was held on February 4, the day of his birth, in Mikhailovsky Moskichilovsky. It began, as always, with a personal funeral liturgy in the main temple, which was sent, accompanied by a men's choir, to the clergy of the monastery, led by Archimandrite Lawrence. The service was also attended by students of the Orthodox Theological Academy, headed by the Vice-Rector, Archpriest VitaliyKlos and representatives of the public organization Sumy Zemlystvo in the City of Kiev. After the departure, all present traditionally laid flowers at the bust of Mykola Makarenko next to the gate of the Economic Gate of the monastery and made a memorable photo.

The next planned event, which is also held annually by fellow countrymen, was the opening of an exhibition of painting "At the altar of love - historical monuments" and the award of the Mykola Makarenko Art Prize. This year, the premises for the exhibition were provided by the Museum of the History of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, and their works for it were presented by the Kyiv Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and members of the "Art Gallery" of Sumy region. The staff of the museum, headed by its director Natalia Selivachova, has created all the necessary conditions for the artistic component of Mykola Makarenko's program of commemoration to be held at a proper organizational level.

The name of the exhibition is symbolic - it will remind visitors of the high civic feat of Mykola Makarenko, who, taking care of the fate of the ancient Cossack temple structures, was actively fighting against their destruction and finally paying for this life.
The opening of the exhibition was attended by invited clergymen, ex-Minister of Culture Igor Likhovy, First Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development Dmitry Zhivitsky, members of the Sumy region, artists, museum workers.
The curator of the exhibition, art critic Valentin Yefremov, having guided the tour and introduced the authors of the exhibited paintings, in her speech emphasized that it was a national idea, a desire to use her knowledge and scientific experience. of Ukrainian society. But few know in our time that Mykola Makarenko was also an upscale artist who received his art education at two prestigious educational establishments in St. Petersburg and left behind thousands of drawings, many of which reflected the results of his extensive archeological and architectural studies. It is with the intention of drawing attention to the work of Makarenko-artist, Sumy region and founded in 2006 an artistic prize of his name.
The Holy Scriptures teach us to serve the people through the powers bestowed on us by the Lord, and Mykola Omelyanovich Makarenko made full use of his gift, his creative capacity to serve the land that gave birth to him - this was the main leitmotif of Archimandrite Lawrence's speech.
This truth fully reveals the vital credo of M.O. Makarenko - said in his speech the candidate of historical sciences Yuriy Kukarchuk. Working for many years in the Hermitage and being able to get acquainted with his stock collections, he paid special attention to artifacts obtained by archeological excavations in the territory of Ukraine, intended to publish them separately. Returning to Ukraine in the tumultuous years of the Civil War, he actively became involved in the processes of Ukrainianization, together with Roerich created on the basis of the Hanenko collection the City Museum, and when there was a threat of destruction of ancient religious buildings, began carrying out their fixing and registration, virtually laying the basement history and culture. The results of the scientist's impressive archaeological research - the discovery of the Romani archeological culture of the Slavs-Northerners, the excavation of the Mariupol burial ground - have earned him worldwide fame and authority. Therefore, the Bolshevik authorities persistently tried to include him in the "liquidation commission", which was to make a verdict of cult buildings, qualifying them as having no cultural and historical value. The refusal to sign his signature under a similar verdict to the St. Michael's Cathedral and caused his exile to Kazan, followed by imprisonment and execution in Tomsk.
Former Minister of Culture Ihor Likhovyi in his speech drew attention to how many prominent, even unique figures Slobozhanshchina gave to Ukraine. But there is also a special place in this glorious cohort of creative personalities, patriots of Ukraine, Mykola Makarenko.
The organizers and participants of the event from the small homeland Mykola Makarenko, Romenshchina - were greeted by a letter signed by the head of the Romany district administration ValeryByloha and the head of the district council Viktor Perevarukha.
It is nice to note those who have provided charitable support for the project: Deputy Chairman of Sumy Zemlya Victor Sobolevsky, Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development, also Dmytro Zhyvitsky of Sumy, a team of women headed by Natalia Bova, a member of the Board of Trustees, who are no longer visiting guests.

The exposition of the exhibition, presented by 35 canvases of 23 artists, is built for three thematic genres: historical landscape, still life, portrait. The story is delivered to the audience by temples and monasteries in paintings by Honored Artists of Ukraine Anatoly Zorko, Stanislav Lositsky, Sergey Yareshko, Dmitry Nagurny (1946-2019), Olga Karpenko, Yuri Kachkin, Olga Owls. The lyrical motives of the paintings of the honored art worker Tamara Nedoshovenko, Alexander Masyk, PaulaLitovchenko, and Fedor Mateychuk warm the soul. Still life connoisseurs will be fascinated by paintings by Honored Artist of Ukraine Henry Yagodkina, Tatiana Yagodkina, Lyudmila Kareva.

Galina Bodyakova's color engravings are immersed in the world of dreams and holiness ("The Guardian Angel"), they bring their accents to the image of the "Faithful Horse" Cossack-Mamaia. »).
"Everybody has their own money" - wrote the poet from Sumy region Leonid Poltava. But every work of art, every creative search multiplies the spiritual heritage of our people, which Mykola Omelyanov Makarenko defended at the cost of his life.
Project moderator, art expert, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Laureate of the Prize. Plato of Biletsky, awarded the Order of the Holy Martyr Barbara by Valentin Efremov
Photo by Candidate of Historical Sciences Yuriy Kukarchuk