Documentary film "Maria and Martha" directed by Natalia Patrakova

Documentary film "Maria and Martha" directed by Natalia Patrakova, created at the film studio "Cinematographer" with the assistance of the State Cinematography Service in 2007.
Timing - 23 minutes
The policy of the Third Reich provided for the extermination of the civilian population, which in the future would become known as the genocide of the Slavic and Jewish parts of the Soviet people.
Unfortunately, neither in Soviet, nor in Ukrainian, nor in Russian, nor in Belarusian, nor in German historiography, this concept, unlike the Holocaust, was not formulated and is not scientific and generally accepted.
Maybe we should raise this issue now.
What fantastic hypocrisy! Slavic peoples, Jews - are "inhumans", "pigs", "slaves", - said Goebbels propaganda.
2.4 million souls, half of them girls and young women, were deported from the territory of the Ukrainian SSR for forced labor.
My film is dedicated to millions of Ukrainian righteous women.
One of the main characters in the film is the monument "Burnt Villages of Ukraine", created by People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Kushch.