Frank talk about the harmony of the worlds

Each author of the creative direction has his own worldview, inner energy, philosophical thought, special style. Before us is an artist of diverse works, who knows how to reveal their feelings in visual language. Ellen Orro was born in the Baltics, but her creative path is connected with Kyiv. It is here in the center of the historical source of Ukrainian history that the unique works of art of this artist were published.
Gallery "Artist" of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine presents an exhibition of 80 paintings entitled "Consonance of Worlds". The title is full of mystery, but the presented works help us to reveal it. "This is my inner world, my soul, the motives that contributed to the creative inspiration for self-expression. In preparation for my anniversary, I decided to combine usually incompatible topics. We live in a man-made age filled with contrasts and electronic advances, and we are turning into a unit full of colossal information. The idea of ​​the exhibition is to show contrasts as objects of the realities of the modern world, among which humanity exists. I sometimes retire, as it happened on the eve of this exhibition, which was supposed to open in April this year, but life has made its adjustments "- admitted Ellen Orro.
The artist revealed her idea of ​​reality in the creative space of the gallery created by her with the support of the Auction House "VIOLITY". The company not only preserves history, presents cultural and artistic values, but also helps owners of antiques to sell them at their auctions. The manager of the office handed over an original invitation to all those present to participate in the creative projects of the Auction House with a valuable gift certificate.
Ellen Orro expresses her inner creative state in visual language. In its metamorphoses, supertechnology is filled with positivity and inspiration, and nature, surrounded by megacities, suddenly opens to us oases of beauty and romance. Female images are open and noble, as is the artist herself. Ellen is able to turn multifaceted life conflicts into a waterfall of emotions, as evidenced by a series of works of small format, which can become a spiritual accent of your own home or office.
The theme of Ukraine's fascination with the red ribbon is at the exhibition. The romantic, purely feminine mood fills with paintings that reflect the love of life, the romance of the picturesque Ukrainian nature, and the veneration of sacred monuments. It is enough to look at such paintings as "Angels over the city", "Morning Mallows", "Beauty" or "Sunflowers".
The artist is able to emphasize the significance of her painting through accents that reveal her inner state, and code signs of gray-haired antiquity. She is attracted by Ukrainian embroidered shirts, towels, ceramics, and picturesque landscapes. These motives are in tune with the memories of many of us about family, childhood, parental home, this connection of generations that keeps us afloat in this turbulent man-made age. But here the artist finds her approach to reveal the "consonance of worlds". She takes on the theme of more male passions, with the protagonist of a world-famous motorcycle company. I wrote about her separately, and this conversation will only emphasize that it is impossible to combine the artist's unique gift with a painting palette: metal, speed, uniqueness with a sense of movement in reality. HarleyDabidson, Mercedens-Benz paintings with color accents and design features are filled with romantic mood and exquisite beauty of world-famous car brands. The cold beauty, strength and originality of each motorcycle brand shines among the precious highlights.
Flowers occupy a significant place in the exhibition. This theme in Ellen's painting deserves special attention. We see how the artist seeks not only to show the beauty of a single flower, but also creates a unique motif. Flowers had and have a special meaning in the life of the Ukrainian people, many of them have a sacred, code meaning and are used as talismans. These are "Marigolds", "Rudbeckia", "Mallows", "Lilies", "Peonies", "Poppies", which not only decorate flower beds near houses, but also serve as an example of motifs for embroidered shirts, towels, painted ceramics, women's jewelry, etc.
A series of still lifes emphasizes the gift of impeccable compositional construction of the plane and color gradations. Sometimes artists closely within the usual still life, so she creates compositions on the background of the historical landscape. That's how "Evening in Blue", "Angels over the City", "Summer Twilight" filled with silver color appeared. The artist is able to present, at first glance, the usual motive for an extraordinary perspective. So landscapes with temples, fences, mounds, huts, rivers are gaining a full-blown monumental solution.
The portraits show the artist as a master of revealing the inner state of man, and successfully placed color accents emphasize her identity. The artist dresses her beauties in embroidered shirts and decorates them with wreaths of wildflowers. Soft diffused lighting gives mystery to the paintings "Girl with Marigolds", "Beauty", "Girl with Gold Earrings" reminiscent of "Melody" by Myroslav Skoryk.
The artist's creative range includes many directions that she creates on the canvas depending on her state of mind. There is an extraordinary emotionality in the rhythm of these author's strokes in the form of spirals and exquisite impregnations. Her palette captures with flashes of bright but balanced colors, which give the paintings a special charm and mood.

Each painting is a reflection of the artist's soul, it is enough to consider "Summer Twilight". Before us is a young beauty who gives the viewer her penetrating gaze. A bouquet of freshly plucked wildflowers and a wreath on his head give the portrait romance and special musicality. The embroidered shirt with an ancient Ukrainian ornament is filled with code rhythms. There is a state of immersion in the historical past of our people and a wave of pride for their ancestors. A kind of essay is emphasized by the temples depicted in the distance, the bell towers of which sanctify the heavens. The palette is light-colored with an exquisite touch of honey as a witness to the author's picturesque gift.

Silver specks create a colorful shimmer, which contributes to the mysterious mood of the portrait.
When we like a picture, there is a desire to meet the author. The exhibition and greetings of the guests, among which was the famous artist Anatoly Frolov, complemented the large-format biography of Ellen Orro. We learned about Ellen's first steps in the art studio in the October Palace, about her achievements as a designer, decorator of children's books from leading Ukrainian publishers and work as a master of unique children's toys. It was from the Toy History Museum that representatives came to congratulate their colleague on the next exhibition. Warm words of gratitude were expressed by the editor-in-chief of Kyiv-Diplomatic Oleksandr Kondratenko and the editor-in-chief of the Information Agency of Ukraine Serhiy Komissarov. Among the admirers of the artist were family members with charming granddaughters who radiated outright joy.
Presenting "Thanks" to Ellen Orro for high professional achievements and development of Ukrainian culture, the gallery's director, art critic, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Karina Kravets, noted the importance of the exhibition in our minor time, covered by the pandemic. Therefore, such an exhibition filled with sunshine, lyricism, optimism gives us hope to overcome this difficult period of life. And acquaintance with the auction house "VIOLITI" will allow the general public to join the cultural and artistic projects of this leading company.
Valentyna Efremova is an art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine.
Photo by the author