"Fragments" from three famous artists

We draw culture, professionalism, originality, originality from the SOURCE of creative inspiration of three famous artists - Anna Mironova, Kateryna Radko and Yuri Pshenichny. A joint exhibition called "Fragments" opened at the art gallery "Artist". Colleagues on creativity, relatives, friends were at the vernissage ... The People's Artist of Ukraine, academician, Vasyl Yevdokymovych Perevalsky, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Chairman of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Viktor Ivanovych Konoval greeted. The moderator of the project is Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, art critic, gallery director Karina Dmytrivna Kravets.

The mood is like a rainbow seen, festive. Kateryna Radko's magnificent painting literally magnetized the eye. It seems that the mysterious frescoes have revealed their essence, and you are immersed in the mystery of the Christian saints Barbara and Catherine, to feel the blessing of the Angel, to climb the "Blue Mountain" in search of meditation… The palette is sustained, with bright planes of pure transparent paint. The artist returns our imagination to the "Silver" age of the early twentieth century, with all the refined ghosts that prevailed in art. Boldly and professionally, and not in vain, because Katerna studied with such outstanding artists of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture as Professor Halyna Halynska, she completed her assistantship in the studio of the People's Artist G. Yakutovych. K. Radko is the winner of the award named after M. Deregus, has a Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Diploma of 1 degree in the field of printing. G. Yakutovich.
Yuriy Pshenichny is able to decorate his compositions, which resemble the edges of precious stones, with scatterings of fire alarms. Natural light vision multiplied by the author's technique allows the artist to create his own metamorphoses. English paper has its own features that help to achieve transparency in the process of applying colors. A mixed technique where watercolor, typographic paint, acrylic are present only enrich the color scheme of abstract compositions. So we plunge into the mystery of the creative process, where the line and bright palette preside. Yuriy also graduated from NAOMA, he remembers with gratitude his teachers, People's Artists of Ukraine M. Deregus, V. Chebykin, G. Yakutovych, M. Kompaniets. He is close to the usual graphics, so the artist makes bold experiments in the field of color graphics. Yu. Pshenichny is a participant in more than a hundred exhibitions. His works have been published in 25 albums, books, booklets and stored in twelve prestigious galleries, museums, art collections in Ukraine and abroad.
Anna Mironova has literally just surprised Kyiv fans of fine arts with the exhibition "Red and Black", and here are the variations with lighting. The artist invites you to the world of black and white photography, where the main attention is paid to the oscillations of light with mysterious outlines of branches, stems, leaves on the background of the window. The soft light and shadow gradation fills the paintings with exquisite grace, dreaminess, romance. Anna has two higher educations, first graduated from the Faculty of Design of the Boychuk Institute, and then studied in the studio of free graphics of the People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor NAOMA A. Chebykin. Creative experiments in the field of various types of graphic techniques affect the artistic imagery of works, and testify to the remarkable talent of the artist. The elevated emotional state of Mironova's paintings is influenced by the cultural and aesthetic upbringing of society.
The exhibition opened on a significant day in the history of mankind: the Christian holiday of the Exaltation of the Cross, the day of the founding of the media network of the mind GOOGLE, World Tourism Day. I chose these bright events to wish the artists the blessing of God, the mighty to bear their Cross with dignity; wisdom of life and world travel with exhibitions. Vasyl Yevdokymovych stressed that it is desirable for patronage to be revived, and for spectators to look for autographs from artists. Yes, for a certain result it is necessary to raise a certain level of human culture in general. It is nice to see that the older generation is successfully passing the baton of their achievements into safe hands. Indeed, man does not live by bread alone.
Victor Konoval emphasized that we observe avant-garde searches and a vocational school at the exhibition, for which we are grateful to our Alma Mother NAOMA. I agree, most of us are students of this prestigious art university. The successful name "FRAGMENTS" encourages reflection on the moments that make up our lives, harmony is formed, completeness, history is written.
A successful page is inscribed in the cultural and artistic space of the capital of Ukraine. The exhibition is open until October 5, visit, be filled with life-giving energy, get aesthetic pleasure.
Valentina Efremova art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, winner of the P. Biletsky Prize, holder of the Order of St. Great Martyr Barbara
Photo by Victoria Jabarova.