FAITH HOPE LOVE - three virtues

When you come to the exhibition and you are overwhelmed by positive feelings, the mood changes for the better, all these are signs that in front of you are works of art of high skill. Such feelings arise from the paintings of artist Svetlana Anoshkina, who knows how to create a paradise on earth. And this is not an exaggeration, because the artist has an extraordinary talent to convey the surrounding beauty through her original artistic images. Landscapes, portraits, genre compositions of different seasons are filled with a romantic mood and give the exhibition a special festive mood. The artist successfully snatches from the fleeting life a special moment that touched her soul, and enthusiastically conveys the perceived beauty through its original colors.
Svitlana approached her anniversary as a mature artist with her own painting style. As evidenced by the previous 150 exhibitions in which Anoshkina participated. Her sunny, light-palette palette shines with exquisite color gradations that make the paintings extremely expressive. The artist is able to observe the world around her and create her dream plot using visual techniques. The line, the successful foreshortening, the turn, the general form on a cloth speak about faultless compositional construction of the chosen motive. All this confirms that the years of study at the Kyiv State Art Institute have given a positive result.
The future artist was born into a creative family. Mother Nina Ivanovna, an inventor, a scientist by profession, wrote poetry, sang, and accompanied on guitar. It was her daughter Svetlana and grandson Ivan, named after the great-grandfather of the famous researcher I. Dokuchaev, who felt her attraction to art. And from her father Valery Anoshkin. Svitlana received the first advice in drawing, graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute in the workshop of the famous painter of the People's Artist of Ukraine V. Puzyrkov. Svitlana gratefully remembers her mentors who influenced her creative development: E. Pokydchenko, V. Virodova-Gauthier and V. Kuleba-Barynova, I. Kovtonyuk. Only the list of these artists speaks eloquently of obtaining a professional artistic level. The original Kyiv school of painting also contributed to the development of national traditions in the artist's work. In almost every canvas you feel the picturesque Ukraine, filled with original landscapes, a strange state of sincerity, hospitality inherent in the Ukrainian nation.
As Svetlana admitted in a conversation that she is fascinated by the works of domestic painters F. Krychevsky, O. Shovkunenko, S. Shyshko. Therefore, she is constantly polishing her palette in search of a special harmony, which is filled with the works of great masters of Ukraine. The artist finds her transparent color scheme, achieves exquisite light and shadow accents that make her works recognizable and bright. All these nuances are present in the paintings genre. Suffice it to mention such paintings as "Thank God for everything!", "About love", or a series of paintings from the series "Sedniv patterns".
Anoshkina, as a true impressionist, fills the landscapes with his special positive mood, it is enough to look at such motifs as "Golden Autumn in Sedniv", "Winter Evening in the Far Caves". The still life is full of exquisite beauty of dahlias, roses, geraniums, lilacs. Sunflowers are filled with a special major state, where the intense pattern of the petals creates a special musical state of the still life. Svetlana Valerievna is looking for her creative means to characterize the chosen motif, and the rich range of yellow shades makes the paintings unsurpassed.
I would especially like to mention the portraits of S. Anoshkina where she writes with trembling feeling her relatives "Portrait of a father" in a beret, "Portrait of Nina Ivanovna's mother" with a guitar, creates the image of a son against the background of the sea breeze "Vanyusha". And here is the culmination - a genre picture where the heroines are three tender beauties "Faith, Hope, Love". The amazing energy of the solemn singing, the sublime state of holiness and purity, the flickering of the candle lights give the picture a special expressiveness. Each touch of the brush models the faces of the girls, filling the picture with a deep psychological state.
Anoshkina's paintings have features of philosophical reasoning, when her own memories need to express gratitude, and the artist successfully does it through picturesque images. She knows how to separate something important in life from the secondary, and invites us to communicate. There are pages of an open book called "Life". Svetlana Valerievna traveled the world a lot, so in her arsenal there are many works in which special moments are engraved: "Interior of the house-museum of I. Repin" in Chuguev, "Manor of K. Razumovsky in Kozelka", "Red Ship" in Nikolaev, Odessa, Bukovel the motives are filled with such romance that there is a desire to be sure to visit there. Anoshkina is an unconditional master of mood, she knows how to excite and evoke aesthetic feelings.
It is a pleasure to visit the creative Mecca of artists in historical Sednev, where the annual plein airs of the art group have been held for over 66 years. Familiar landscapes excite the feelings, filling life with a positive mood. In her own way, Svetlana conveys a unique landscape from the hill to the river Snov and the gazebo, where the famous composer drew his inspiration. Thanks to Anoshkina’s landscapes, we visited the estate of the Lyzogubs, touched on the historical events connected with T. Shevchenko, and felt the blessed bell of the ancient wooden Cossack church of the 12th century. The artist sings about different seasons in a purely female lyrical tone, because she is such a sincere, hard-working woman who constantly paints.
S. Anoshkina is a member of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, winner of the F. Krychevsky Art Prize and has numerous thanks, diplomas, takes part in almost all landmark exhibitions held in the capital of Ukraine: "Picturesque Ukraine", "Autumn Salon", International Art Nation-II "and others. Anoshkina's works are stored in galleries, museums, private collections in Europe, the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and Israel. Anoshkina winner of the award. Dmytrenko, awarded the Gratitude of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for participation in the exhibitions "Spiritual Ukraine", a diploma of the Union of Artists of Moldova "For Charitable Activity".
S. Anoshkina keeps her brush on the fateful pulse of life in Ukraine, suffice it to mention her participation in the International creative project "Golden Fund of the Nation. Ukraine. Europe. World". which started in 2014. This patriotic event was held in support of Ukraine's European choice, and the artist was awarded the Gratitude of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Svetlana Anoshkina overcomes life's underwater reefs, looking for life-giving energy in her work. In this way, together with "Faith, Hope and Love", we get incredible energy that helps us to overcome everyday life.
Photo of the Anoshkin family archive.
Valentyna Yefremova art critic, honored cultural worker of Ukraine, winner of the P. Biletsky Prize