"Dream Palette" collective exhibition

"And silence rings in my head .."
Oksana Kartavtseva
Between winter and spring there is sometimes silence… This is a state when there is still melted snow, but streams of water break through nearby, which confidently hint at the awakening of nature. This is exactly my impression of the collective exhibition called "Palette of Dreams", which took place in the art gallery "Artist" of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Each of the ten authors declared himself a confident stream, which merged into a generous waterfall of original personalities.
Serhiy Komissarov, a well-known journalist and editor-in-chief of the Ukrpress-Info news agency, described the characteristics of the vernissage participants on his Facebook page. He generously described the peculiarities of each artist. “It is important for our gallery not only to show famous artists, but also to give an opportunity to beginners to show their creative abilities. Therefore, we plan collective exhibitions in advance, which are usually filled with bright works, "said in an interview the director of the gallery Karina Kravets. level of abilities, successfully complements each other creating a whole positive atmosphere.
Suffice it to mention Oksana Kartavtseva, who meaningfully wrote a review of the exhibition on her website: "New paintings from the series" February Windows "- an attempt to reconcile me with frost and snow. There are days in February when winter forgets to throw a gray blanket on the sky. The impudent sun breaks through like rags. The shadows of the trees suddenly become a signpost for summer. I close my eyes tightly to tears. I look at the snow - and it glows in circles. And the birdsong sounds like music. And the holiday begins. But these colored spots gradually fade. And the forest remains like bones on an X-ray. And silence rings in my head. Until the summer ... ". Before us is an artist who knows how to express their feelings not only in colors but also in literary words. The presented landscapes of exquisite beauty touch the strings of the soul creating a musical mood.
Oleksiy Ovcharenko attracted the audience with his academic compositions, which are under the power of an experienced specialist. Incredibly eloquent paintings on a historical theme, compositions with vivid still lifes testify to the identity of the artist, who is able to combine different eras in their interpretations. Lyrical landscapes attract me, I was especially excited by the picture with poppies. Then I learned that this work was created in the open air "Taras trails". The artist's biography is filled with various creative discoveries, articles, sculptures, graphics, paintings. Thus, the fate of the artist generously endowed him with various creative abilities, he is a candidate of art history, and the state awarded him for his personal contribution to the development of modern Ukrainian culture with diplomas, certificates, thanks, honorary awards.
Lydia Pochekailova managed to reveal her talent through new works, in which a positive mood of a person who is a light for others is raging. It is enough to look at the eloquent still lifes, in which the compositional solution favorably reveals the creative idea of ​​the artist. The artist's attraction to Ukrainian history is felt, so in her paintings you can always see woven towels, embroidered napkins, painted pottery, collectibles that are stored in her family for generations. Therefore, it should be noted that her works successfully combine the historical past with the present.
The exhibition features many works filled with sunlight, as in the paintings of Tatiana Samotkina, who turns reality into a fairy tale. The artist's imagination knows no bounds, she paints with all her might, so the compositions are filled with amazing warmth and love. Larysa Kukarekina successfully declared her creative abilities. The artist boldly tries to show the beauty of light and shadow gradations to emphasize the romantic mood of her works.
Nature always attracts romantic natures, as we see in a series of paintings by Nadezhda Boyko. Really panoramic landscapes are her element, the artist is able to convey the features of the seen motives and create full-sounding pictures from them. .
Yeminegul Ziyatdinova presented a number of works filled with a special uplifting mood. You can feel her refined taste and ability to reveal the given topic with an original light palette, which testifies to the artist's natural creative gift. The attraction to monumentality gives her works a special musical sound, it's like the chords of a symphony orchestra that fills our feelings. The artist strives to decorate everyday life with her incredibly positive compositions.
Valery Shvetsov, who has a professional education starting from the art school of Donetsk, then studying at the Crimean Art School named after Samokish, and courses of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg presented his original works. His attraction to the art of old masters, especially the Renaissance, is interested in the biblical theme. Perhaps that is why in his works the depth of the chosen theme, the inner beauty of the depicted personalities is raging.
I was pleasantly surprised by the paintings presented by Mikhail Zavorotny. The presented graphics of high professional level became the decoration of the exhibition. The emotional mood of the works simply impresses with its incredibly generous imagination, the depth of the creative idea. There is an amazing energy which filled the paintings, attracts the compositional construction of planes, chiaroscuro solution. There is a special outside the real state of cosmic greatness. No wonder his works are stored in leading galleries in Bulgaria, the United States and Italy, glorifying Ukrainian art.
Each participant received a Diploma for participation and promotion of Ukrainian art. Karyna Dmytrivna introduced the assistant of the gallery's assistant, artist Natalia Vashchuk, who has solid experience in organizing creative projects and art critic, artist Olena Krasilnikova, whose creative portfolio includes bright original projects.
All participants are extremely creatively gifted and are happy to bring good mood to people. We have known many for a long time, but it is nice to discover new names, said in his report Honored Journalist of Ukraine Serhiy Komissarov.
Valentyna Efremova is an art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine
Photo team from the Internet.