In search of harmony and beauty

Back in my student years, I fell in love with the aphorism of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius "fermatas, utilities, verities" translated as "Strength, benefit, beauty." All these components are essentially close to the specialists who work in the field of interior design, among which the name of Kira-Anastasia Nechay has appeared.The future artist was born in the family of famous Ukrainian artists - Nechay Stepan Omelyanovich and Nechay-Soroka Svetlana Arkadyevna in Vinnytsia in 1074. Kira grew up in a creative environment, from childhood she developed alongside such a luminary of Ukrainian art as Soroka Arkady Vasyliovych, her grandfather.

Since 1981 he has been studying at the art school at the Ternopil Union of Artists. She received her academic education at the State Art Institute (now NAOMA) at the Faculty of Architecture. She gratefully mentions such teachers as People's Artist of Ukraine Vasyl Perevalsky, O. Belyansky, L. Skoryk, P. Pribega, D. Antonyuk. G. Dobrovolsky, A. Davydova. The influence of outstanding artists of the modern academic school had a positive effect on the formation of K. Nechay's own creative face.
After graduating with a degree in "Architecture of Buildings and Structures", she began her career in the "Creative Architectural Workshop LP Skoryk". The next five-year stage, which gave confidence in their own creative forces, is associated with work in the Italian salon of furniture, kitchens, plumbing "Marco Trevi". Trained in Italy, the commune of Sant’Ippolito (Pesaro e Urbino) on “Oikos cucine srl, curated by G. Broccoli, P. Buricca. Then for several years she worked in the famous architectural design studios in Kiev. During this time she gained experience, new knowledge in materials, subtleties of work of an architect, interior designer, cooperation in a team and individually with clients, colleagues, associates.
Kira Stepanovna's creative path is interesting because in her practice extraordinary projects have been implemented, in which she was able to declare her own style. The author works comprehensively from setting the task, creating the concept, sketches, development of the author's brand of each order. From 2005 to the present K. Nechai has implemented many projects - restaurants in Kiev: "Cartel", st. Shamrylo, "Bushon" Lviv Square, "Panorama" in the Business Center "Cubic Center", "Belvedere" on the Dnieper Descent, offices in the central part of the capital Business Center "Leonardo" in Kiev.
It should also be noted private apartments, flats, houses, shops, salons in Ukraine (Kiev, Kiev region, Chernihiv, Ternopil, Vinnytsia), as well as in international projects of the European Union (Austria: Tyrol; Germany: Bavaria; Spain, Canary Islands: La Palma ). It is in these projects that we feel the truth of the statement that usefulness, beauty and reliability are important arguments in Kira Stepanovna's creative activity.
Kira Stepanovna Nechay's work is diverse, she takes an active part in various exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. Her watercolor and graphic series have their own creative style and harmoniously fit into modern interiors. The exquisite reddish line fills the paintings with a whole meaning, a romantic mood. Creative ideas testify to deep knowledge of Ukrainian history, culture, and in general successfully position Ukrainian art abroad. The national identity with bright artistic accents with a red ribbon runs through such works as: "Kyiv. Courtyard of the Pechersk Lavra. From the series Architectural Compositions", "Bessarabian Market", "Just Still Life", "Rest at Sea", "Roads of Ukraine". Works made in watercolor, in combination with ink, gouache resemble the compositions of Chinese artists who skillfully conveyed the inner state of the theme.
K. Nechay's works have been known at All-Ukrainian exhibitions since 1995. They are distinguished from other authors by the academic school, the generation of new creative ideas, a bright presentation of the theme, which fits into the modern interior.
Kira Stepanovna is constantly in search of harmony and beauty, honing her creative skills, looking for new ideas, and realizing many creative plans. KS Nechay is really a modern specialist with his own creative face.
Valentyna Yefremova is an art critic, honored cultural worker of Ukraine, winner of the P. Biletsky Art Prize.
photo from the archive of K. Nechay.