Laureate of the National Prize. Taras Shevchenko 2021

Congratulations to the Laureate of the National Prize. Taras Shevchenko 2021
"Wings will be saved during landing!" -
The motto of the Honored Artist of Ukraine from Sumy Region
 Mykola Lebedya (1936-2007)
She started writing immediately after the announcement of the Laureates of the 2021 National Prize, but the tragic events turned her life upside down, everything broke down in her soul, she froze. It's not even despair, but rather an incredible insult, a dirty devastating tsunami that stopped time. We got off the daily path of peace filled with creative work. Racist Russia's attack on peaceful Ukraine has clouded our consciousness. An incredible desire to be useful to my God-given Ukraine helped me to get out of the state of shock in a cruel time of trials…
  On the birthday of the Great Kobzar, the Taras Shevchenko National Prize Committee of Ukraine announced the winners, new laureates. The relevant decree was published on the website of the President of Ukraine. In the nomination of fine arts, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Arts, founder of the art group "Picturesque Reserve", world-class artist Tiberius Silvashi was awarded. His candidacy for the project "Wings" was nominated by the public organization "Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine".
  The name of Tiberius Yosypovich Silvashi has long been well known in Ukraine and abroad. The artist's artistic biography is filled with original achievements in painting and theoretical art studies.
Tiberius' creative abilities were discovered and directed in the right direction by his parents in his native Mukachevo. After graduating from the Republican School. Taras Shevchenko, he entered the Kyiv State Art Institute, where he successfully studied in the studio of the famous artist, People's Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Yablonskaya. In 1978, Tiberius Silvashi became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and confidently formed his own creative style, his view of art. Thus, in 1992 he founded the art group "Picturesque Reserve", and a year later presented a solo exhibition in France, in Toulouse. His successful career in art was awarded the Artist of the Year Award and a scholarship from the City of Munich.
  The artist's aphorism that "for each generation history begins with themselves" impresses me very much. But to follow this definition, it is necessary, as they say, to eat more than one pound of salt. Right now, when we live in a state of war, this thesis is very relevant. Because if each of us, Ukrainians, will contribute to the victory, we will be able not only to preserve our land, but also to influence the worldview of world civilization.
  And here the installation "Wings" by Tiberius Silvashi is ahead of its time. The author, as if the leader of metaphysical experience, unfolds the action in time and space, filling the viewer's consciousness with sacred symbolism and positive energy. The artist achieves such a harmonious combination of his exquisite palette inherent in his creative handwriting. The powerful amplitude of colored symbols attracts the eye, has a wonderful impact on the emotional state of the viewer.
Silvashi's attraction to the philosophical interpretation of the meaning of life, the foundations of understanding the creative process became the basis for the formation of a modern view of creating their own, original abstractions. According to Halyna Sklyarenko, the artist tries to "realize himself as a person, talk about the world that is beyond words."
 As already mentioned, the artist's creative portfolio includes not only picturesque inventions with deep inner connotations, but also theoretical research in the field of contemporary art history. In them, he expresses his own paradigm of the creative process as an attempt to establish through painting a harmonious vector of worldview. It was as a result of these philosophical reflections of the artist, the idea of ​​"Wings" was born.
  "Wings" were specially created for the space of the Johann Pinzel Museum in Lviv. The exhibition project of gallery owner Pavel Gudimov combined the premises of the former church with baroque sculptures by Pinzel accompanied by a symphonic composition by Svyatoslav Lunyov. A powerful cultural and artistic performance through symbolic dialogue created a real revolution in the minds of contemporaries.
  The recognized master of Ukrainian abstractionism presented to the public giant canvases - up to four meters in length, which complemented the exhibition space with exquisite colors of paints, their sacred magic, life-giving energy. The formula of the concept of "time-space", which the artist derived in his creative art studies, appeared in its entirety.
Special respect for the found palette of Tiberius Silvashi. It harmonizes the grandeur of color ratios, which are based on gold, purple, deep blue, with gradations of white and black flashes. And all this breathes, speaks, affirms strength, nobility. Dominant golden shades confidently form an artistic image, influence the creation of a positive emotional state of the viewer.
  I am not the first to compare the found richness of the artist's colors with the flicker of ancient icons, favored light, paintings of churches in which sacred aesthetics and energy flourish. This whole set of exquisite allegories shows that Tiberius Silvashi is an original modern painter who created his galaxy in the field of art.
  In difficult times of war, moral and physical trials, the "Golden Wings" of Tiberius Silvashi are full of hope, optimism, faith in victory.
… Every morning Tiberiy Yosypovych greets his friends with a cup of coffee on his Facebook page. An esthete and a gourmet unites us with the warmth of his heart and the taste of a lively aroma. And this positive ritual invented by a creative person symbolizes a common desire for peace and peaceful life.
Valentina Romenska (Efremova)
Photo from the Internet: Tiberius Silvashi's installation "Wings" at the Pinzel Museum (Lviv) as part of Pavel Gudimov's exhibition project "Angels".
Photo by Ilona Silvasha's father in Lviv at the opening of the exhibition.
Tiberia Silvashi's morning coffee for facebook friends