Yur Marina Vladimirovna

Was born 17.06.1968 Nemyriv, Vinnytsya oblast. She Graduated from the Odessa pedagogical institute of them. K. Ushinsky (1991). Institute of art studies, folklore and ethnology them. M. Rylski national ACADEMY of sciences of Ukraine (1996). Teachers at the speciality - V. Filipenko, A. Ryndin, G. Selivachov. Art Critic. Major works: "Where the flower on the chest?" (TO., 1998), "TO the problem of color in the Ukrainian folk painting of products from a tree" (TO., 1998), "the Tradition of the ornamentation of the Ukrainian painted chests" (Drohobych, 1998), "To the problems of the national identity of color in design of furniture of the 19TH-early 20th centuries. XX cent." (L., 2001). Member NUAU (2000). Candidate of arts (1998).

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