Lavreha Anna Evgenevna

Born in 1964, in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk.
Graduated from the Kyiv State Institute of Culture (1985), as well as the Institute for Preparing Business Cadres at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine (2005).
In 1995-1996 he worked at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine;
In 1996-1997 - deputy director of the art gallery "Kiev" of the Kiev organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine;
In 1997-2005 - director of the artistic gallery "Mystets" of the Kiev organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine;
Since 2005 - the owner of the art gallery "ANN Gallery" (Kiev). (The gallery specializes in the art of the mid-twentieth century; works on the "opening" of private collections for the general public and the presentation of Ukrainian art abroad);
From 2012 till 2017 - director of the art gallery "The artist" CONSXU.
The author of the international art project "Ukrainian Art and World".
Since 2014 - curator of the Ukrainian art gallery (London).
From 2017 - art consultant JMAG (the Netherlands)
Principal printed works:
Reference book "Signatures and monographs of artists of Ukraine" - Kharkiv, 2005 - 432 pages.
Handbook "Signatures and Monograms of Ukrainian Artists. Ed. B.V. Grinyova, O.Ya. Denisenko "in 2 volumes - Kharkiv:" Institute of Single Crystals ", 2007 - 296 p.
Handbook "Signatures and Monograms of Ukrainian Artists. Ed. B.V. Grinyova "- Kharkiv, NTMT, 2013 - 355 p.
Basic curatorial projects:
"Painting by Vladimir Shpanka", 2002
«Signs» (painting, graphics mid-twentieth century, 2002),
Collected drawing (2005),
"Graphics of Paco Raban" (2006), CATALOG
"Painting by Arkady Pavlyuk. From Private Collections "(2007), CATALOG
"Collection format" (painting, graphics mid-twentieth century, 2008),
"Children in the works of Ukrainian artists. From Private Collections "(painting, graphics, 2008) CATALOG
"The female image in the works of Ukrainian artists" (painting, graphics, 2009), CATALOG
"Sergey Otroshchenko's drawing. From Private Collections "(2009)
"At the gates of paradise. Akim and Alexander Levichi (painting, 2009) CATALOG
"Oleksiy Shovkunenko and his students" from private collections "(painting, graphics, 2010) CATALOG
International curatorial projects:
"The Russian Easter & Oriental Fine Art Fair" (B. Sidorenko, A. Krivolap) (London, UK, 2010) - CATALOG
"Ukrainian Photographers - Members of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain" (3 exhibitions, Kyiv, Ukraine-London, UK, 2013) CATALOG
"With Ukraine in the heart. Photo by Y.Sanina "(Oxford, UK, 2013)
"Painting by O.Kovalenko. To the 22nd Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine "(Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom, London, 2013)
"The Art of Ukrainian Realism" (painting, graphic art of the mid-twentieth century) (Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Yorkshire, UK, 2014)
Contemporary art exhibition (P. Lebedinets, A. Alekseev, T. Gershuni-Galagan - painting) (Daren Baker Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2015). CATALOG
"Flash" (P. Lebedinets, A. Alekseev, E. Roitman, V. Khomenko - painting, graphics) (Richmond Art, London, UK, 2016).

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