Avramenko Olesya Oleksandrivna

Was born 25.10.1959 Zaporozhye. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1982). Teachers at the speciality - L. Vladich, P. Beletsky, L. Sak, L. Milyaeva. Works in the field of art, the gallery activity. Major works: the album "Mikhaylina Sever" (To., 1990); "the Bird of the fate of Victor Zaretsky" (zhurn. "Modernity", 1992, No.7); "Ukrainian children's book 1970-90-ies: the basic tendencies of development of the illustration" (1993); the album "Evgen Prokopov" (To., 1996); "the Prayer of the wizard" (zhurn. "Modernity", 2000, no.7-8). Member NUAU (1988). Candidate of art criticism (1993).

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