Milyaeva Lyudmila Semenovna

Was born 13.11.1925 Kharkiv. She Graduated from the Kyiv state university to them. T. Shevchenko (1950). Teachers at the speciality - C. and V. Маslovy. Art Critic. Major works: "K. Trutovsky" (To., 1955), "Painting Potelicha" (To., 1969), (D., 1971); "Ukrainian art of XIV-XVI of centuries." as a co-author. (TO. 1963), "Ukrainian medieval painting" in the al. (TO., 1976); "The Ukrainian Icon 11-18 cent. From Vizantine to Barogue (eng., fr., it.) (SPB, Bournemouth, 1996). Member NUAU . The honored worker of arts of Ukraine (1992). Doctor of fine arts (1998). Professor (1990). The actual member of art ACADEMY of Ukraine (2000).

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