Nesterenko Petrо Vladimirovich

Was born 13.07.1949, the village of Konstantinovka of the Kirovograd oblast. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1984). Teachers at the speciality - P. Beletsky, L. Milyaeva, O. Tishchenko, G. Yukhimets. Art Critic. Major works: "Collection of exlibris Fyodor Ernst" (To., 1994), "Ukrainian superekslibris XVI-XVII centuries." (1999), "Word about the regiment of Igor" in ekslibris" (2001), the album "Sergey Nechiporenko. Decorative fabric" (TO., 2002), "the History of the cities - the history of the state" (TO., 2002). Member NUAU (1992). He was awarded the medal. Candidate of sciences (2006).

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