Rogotchenko Oleksey Oleksiyovich

Was born 12.05.1954,  Kiev. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1975). Teachers at the speciality - L. Vladich, P. Nikolai. Art Critic. Major works: "Three of a workshop" (1970), albums - "Ivan Apollonov" (To., 1984), "Nina Kosareva" (To., 1985), the directory "Peter Pechorniy" (1986), st. in the magazines "W", "DI USSR", "Creativity". Member NUAU (1985). Honored artist of Ukraine (2006).Doctor of philosophy, candidate of art criticism, a member of the International association of art critics AISA, the senior scientific employee of Institute of problems of contemporary art of the National academy of arts of Ukraine, chief editor of the collection of art history research "maid of the MIST, the curator of the Ukrainian exposition at "Art Geneve" (Geneva, 2008), the curator of the project "Ost memoirs about the West reality" (Prague, 2010), the author of the monograph "Socialist realism and totalitarianism, "the author of more than 500 art history research.

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