Yanko Dmitry Grigorievich

Was born 19.10.1930, the village Зачепиловка Poltava region. Graduated From Kiev state university to them. T. Shevchenko (1959). Art Critic. Major works: monographic essay "O. Kovalev" (To., 1964), "History of Ukrainian art" (TO., 1969), the album ". Kovalev" (To., 1977), "O. Skoblariykov" (To., 1979), "Ten years of selfless devotion" (1997). Member NUAU (1968). The honored worker of arts of Ukraine (1974). Corresponding member of Ukrainian academy of architecture (2000). Awarded the Honorary diploma of the Presidium of the supreme soviet of UKRAINE (1980), the order "For merits" of the III degree. (1997), medals.

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