Zabashta Galina Vasilevna

Was born 09.04.1956 Kiev. Graduated from Lviv state institute of applied and decorative art (1978). Teachers at the speciality - E. Коtsuba, V. Оvsiychuk, T. Kuzminskaya, V. Shelest. Works in the field of decorative-applied arts (stage costume). The basic products: suits - on grounds of M. Primachenko: "Poppies", "Bouquet", "Thistle" (1989); for the people's artist of Ukraine Raisa Kirichenko (1980, 1992); for musical-stage action "Golden stone" to the anniversary of the national artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko (1998), for the trio "zoloti klyuchi", for the theatre of modern choreography "Constellation Aniko" (1998). Member NUAU (1982).

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