ORRO Ellen

Ellen ORRO is a famous Baltic artist living in Kyiv.
Education: Lviv Polygraphic Institute - KPI, Faculty of Graphics. In 1995 she perfectly defended her diploma. Teachers' workshop prof. B. Valuenko, F. Glushchuk, O. Miklovda, F. Yuriev.
The main areas of creativity - painting, graphics and design.
At least 50 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad since 1989.
Ellen Orro's paintings are in many galleries, offices and private collections in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Japan, South Korea, Canada, USA, Great Britain and Ukraine.
More than 15 children's books have been published, as well as textbooks and magazines with illustrations by Ellen Orro.
She creates unique paintings with a variety of plots, filled with incredible energy: landscapes, still lifes, portraits, techno, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, children's themes and much more.
Leading artist of the State Toy Museum.

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