Golembovskay Lidia Sergeevna

Was born 4.05.1953 g. Kiev.
Graphic artist, painter.
1972 - 1978 training in КГХИ them. T.G. Shevchenko.
Graphic faculty. Workshop of book graphics under the direction of professor V .Chebanika
1978 - 1981 training in the creative studio of graphics under the leadership
correspondent member of the Academy of arts of the USSR M.G. Deregusa.
From 1983. - membership in the КONUAU.
1993. - the winner of the prize to them. Natalie Забилы for the illustrations to the magazine "Malyutka".
2005. -. Diploma of the Kyiv city head for the personal contribution to development of Russian science.
Exhibition activity began in 1974.
Participation in urban, female, republican and international exhibitions.
Since 2003, teaching painting, drawing and interpreting (collage) in the Kyiv state institute of decorative-applied art and design them. M. Boychuk.
With 1976in the field of book illustration in such publishing houses
 Kiev: "Raduga", " Youth", "Art", "Flash" ,"Mark Of Ukraine", "School". View. " Zebra E "  Moscow.
Magazine " Malyutka".
Exhibition of women artists. 1974. Gal."Mistets".
Republican exhibition drawing.1978р. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
The exhibition is devoted to m. Kiev. 1976г. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
Academic of the exhibition:
Moscow, Saint-Peterburg.1980 - 1981рр.
Republican exhibition еstamp. 1981. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
Republican exhibition of graphics. 1983. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
Republican exhibition of graphics. 1985. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
The second all-union exhibition of book illustration. Moscow. 1986.
International exhibition of books. Italy. Bologna. 1991.
Exhibition-project "Portfolio. Artists draw".
Gallery "Karas". 2006.
Jubilee exhibition "40 years КONUAU". 2009. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
Exhibition of women artists. Gallery "Lavra". 2000.
Exhibition of women artists. Exhibition hall. NUAU.2001р.
Personal exhibition of painting "Les souvenirs Gifts of memories. "Municipal gallery " University " Kiev. 2002.
Personal exhibition of painting. The american investment centre.
m. Kiev. 2003.
Exhibition of students L.Golembovskay" art workshop no.40.Transformastia impressions". 2004.
Personal exhibition of painting and graphics .2005.
2005. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
The exhibition, dedicated to 120 anniversary of the birth of vasily Kandinsky. 2006.
All-Ukrainian exhibition "My Ukraine". 2006. Exhibition hall. NSPU.
Exhibition artis m. Kiev. Gal. "Mistets". 2008.
The presentation of the publication "Art Olympus". Exhibition of painting. The house of the teacher. 2009. Kiev.
"The international festival of painting and science" Греція. patras in. 2009.
Works Golembovska are in museums, funds min. Culture and private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Italy, Canada, Greece.

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