Gurin Uriy Petrovich

Was born 25.07.1953, the city of Sosnovka Rivne region.,schedule and painter. Graduated from the RAHS them. Shevchenko and Kiev State Art Institute, painter, restorer, педагог.У exhibitions of the professional artists began exhibiting in 1977, member NSPU since 1985. He is a teacher of painting, drawing, composition; in magazines and book publishers illustrated the works of П.Загребельного, В.Пикуля, K.stanjukovich and others. In the decorative arts of painting works mainly in a realistic style , paints landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, compositions on religious, historical and various ethnographic themes. Paintings exhibited, bought private individuals, firms and government agencies in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, great Britain, Croatia, Romania, Finland, USA, Australia, Israel, south AFRICA(republic of south AFRICA).

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