Ivakhnenko Alexander Ivanovich

Was born 16.10.1949 village Маnzhosivka Chernihiv region. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1974). The teachers of the speciality V. Casian, V. Chebanik. Works in the field of graphics, monumental and easel painting. Major works: "the Enchanted Desna" . Dovzhenko, illustrations for the works of T. Shevchenko (1982, 1984, 1988), the painting in the lobby of the museum TONNES. Shevchenko,  Kanev (1989-91). Member NUAU (1977). Honored artist of Ukraine (1977). Corresponding member of the OH of Ukraine (2001). Laureate of the National prize of Ukraine. T. Shevchenko (1989).

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