Novykovskiy Vladimir Ogiyovich

Was born 21.09.1931 Zhytomyr. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1958). Creative workshops AA the USSR (1964). Teachers of the speciality - M. Maksimenko, M. Deregus, M. Sharonov. Works in the field of painting, graphics. Major works: a series of lithographs "Metallurgists Pridneprove" (1957-64), "Workers of the black sea coast" (1961-75), "the Landscapes of Ukraine" (1990-2001), "the Portraits of the leaders of Ukraine and the Kyivan Rus" (1988-2001), "the Cycle of historical battles for Ukraine" (1998-2001). Member NUAU (1960). Honored artist of Ukraine (2002).

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