Pravdokhina Ulia Valentinovna

Was born 14.06.1964 g., in g. Irpen of the Kiev region.

1982. - graduated from Republican Art Secondary School them.. T. Shevchenko

1990.- graduated from the Kyiv state art institute, the department of the graphic, the studio of book graphic professor V.Chebanika).

With 1995. - member of the National artists Union of Ukraine.

Worked with publishing houses: "Raduga", "Makhaon", "Morning", "School", "Country of dreams", "Mark of Ukraine", "Barvinok", "Path".

Created illustrations for more than 50 books, including illustrations to the Ukrainian folk tale "Молодильна water and the collection of poems AND. Franco "And in the heart of the blacksmith's warm", were awarded by diploma of the all-Ukrainian contest books in 1992.

Since 2009. - Mark "merry Christmas" and "happy New year" became the winners in the category of design at the Eighth chinese annual competition for the best foreign postage stamp in g. Beijing(Peking).

Works in different art techniques, as well as in the technique of batik.

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