Zhuravleva Natalya Anatoliyivna

          Born on November 16, 1978 in Donetsk. A citizen of Ukraine.

     Higher education.


  Graduated: 1994-1999  - Donetsk School of Art specializing in painting, the artist-teacher qualification.

                             2000-2006  - National Academy of Art and Architecture (studio of graphic A.V. Chebykin) qualified graphic artist, researcher, teacher.


                             2002 - 2004 - 1-st prize in the fifth international exhibition of educational institutions "Modern Education in Ukraine for the best picture of academic performance" (annual award)

                             2003 - Grant by the President of Ukraine.

                             2003 - All-Ukrainian Picture Competition  among schools of art academies of Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv in Kharkiv.                            

                             2004 - diploma for active participation in the regional stage of All-Ukrainian Youth Contest "Picturesque Ukraine"

                             2004 – member of the association of young artists and art critics (Kiev branch).

                             2004-2006, Fellow of the International Charitable Foundation "Torch"

                             2006 - third prize for participating in the painting competition on the theme "Mediterranean", organized on the occasion of Europe Day organized by the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine. (Trip to Spain for two people)

                             Since 2007 - teacher of drawing and painting at Institute of Decorative Arts and Design in Kiev, named after Michael Boychuk.

                             Pictures are in private storages Spain, Greece, Litvi, China,



                  Participant of national and youth exhibitions since 2002:

2002 - Spring art exhibition.

2002 - All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine"

2002 - Autumn youth art exhibition.

2003 - Spring All-Ukrainian art exhibition.

2003 - exhibiting art project "Ryfleksiya" by students from Lithuania and Kyiv in Kyiv.

2003 - exhibiting art project "Ryfleksiya" in Vilnius.

2004 - All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine"

2004 - Spring art exhibition "Women of Ukraine Are Artists”

              (The picture was bought by the Board of Directors of Exhibitions of Ukraine)

2005 - All-Ukrainian Christmas art exhibition.

2006 - All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Modern Ukrainian landscape"

2006 - Ukrainian Youth Art Exhibition.

2007 - exhibiting national project "Faces of things" in Chernihiv.

2007 - participated in the exhibition organized by the Embassy of Spain in the Soviart gallery.

2008 - group exhibition "Student Nude Art"

2009 - exhibiting ethnic minorities in the Book museum in  the Pecherska Laura, Kyiv.

2009 - participated in the International Symposium of Painting in Patras, Greece.

2010 - exhibiting Vitinanka.

2010 - exhibiting a picture "Retrospective 1945-2010" from Naomi.

2010 - All-Ukrainian exhibition of contemporary portraiture.

2010 - Participation in the nationwide festival and exhibition in Murcia, Spain.

2010 - All-Ukrainian festival of calligraphic «Rutenia»

2011 - Personal art exhibition in KDІDPMD ім. M.Bojchuka

2011- All Ukraine by day of the artist.

2012- Participation in a vistavka "A.V.Chebikin creativity and school"

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