Vladimirova Elena Ivanovna

Was born 11.03.1945 Kiev. Graduated from the Moscow higher art-industrial school (1969). Teachers at the speciality - O. Тutevol, G. Nikitin. Works in the field of monumental-decorative art (tapestries, painting). Major works: gobelin tapestry "Song", the House of cinema in  Kiev (1978), the panel "Decorative", a mosaic, a polyclinic in  Kiev (1987), a series of tapestries for the representative office of Ukraine in Washington (1998), tapestries - "Bereginya", the REGISTRAR's office of the oktyabrskiy district  Kiev (1989), "Тroisty music" (1998). Member NUAU (1978). The honored worker of arts of Ukraine (1996).

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