Tsuhorka Alexandr P.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Born on 11. 05. 1973, p. Great Rakovets, Irshava district, Transcarpathian region.
Associate professor of painting and composition of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
Honored Artist of Ukraine.
He graduated from the National Academy of Art and Architecture, painting and temple culture prof. Mykola Storozhenko (2001.) Assistantship - training in prof. MA Storozhenko (2004.).
 A teacher on the specialty - M. Storozhenko.
He was awarded the Silver Medal of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine for creative achievements in the field of artistic culture (2003).
Winner of the Prize. M.Dmytrenka (USA, 1996).
Kyiv Mayor Scholarship for talented youth
for personal creative contribution to the development of the city (2002)..
Works in painting, graphics, monumental and sacred art.
Major works: the panel "Allegory of Art" (2002), the icon "Virgin Queen Cossack Sloboda" (2001-2007.) The sculptural relief "Ancient gods' (2011-2012.), The icon" Annunciation "(2001 -2007rr.), the icon "The Trinity" (2001-2007.) icon "Nativity of the Virgin" (2001-2007). "Hutsulka Portrait" (1996). "Music of the Carpathians" (1996). "Hutsul trio "(1996)." Hutsul queen "(1997)." Arkan "(1994)." fern Blooms "(2010)." The dream of Orpheus "(2013)." Gifts of the Holy Spirit "(2014). "A quiet rustle of trees expectations" (2001.).

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