Bayandin Sergey Nikolaevich

Was born 18.04.1961, the village Bazhinо of the Perm region. (Russia). He Graduated from the Moscow higher art-industrial school (1989). Works in easel and monumental painting. Major works: the iconostasis and murals of the church of St. Daniel, the village Костобобров Chernihiv region. (1996-98), a list of the restaurant "Gostiny dvor" (1991-99), the iconostasis of the cathedral of the Kazan Mother of God, village of Semenivka, Chernihiv oblast., the iconostasis and painting of the saint Andrew's church, Kiev (2001), fa?ade of the icon of the Dormition cathedral of Kyiv-Pechersk lavra (1999-2001). Member NUAU (1999).

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