Dmitrenko Tatiana Nikolaevna

Was born 29.11.1944 Bitter (Russia). Graduated from Lviv state institute of applied and decorative art (1969). Teachers at the speciality - O. Musika, G. Selskiy, G. Tokar. Works in the field of monumental-decorative art. Major works: tapestry "Science and art" (1974), the painting "the Researchers electromagnetism" (1979), the icon "the Holy Varvara", "St. Catherine" on the facade of st. Michael's golden domed cathedral (1998), wall-painting "the Virgin. The sign" (1999), wall-painting "the Healing of a paralytic" Michael's golden-domed cathedral (2000). Member NUAU (1977). The honored worker of arts of Ukraine (1998).

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