Lozovskaya Vera Leonidovna

1980 - Was born in Kiev, Ukraine

1991-1998 - State Art school of the name of T. Shevchenko, Kiev

1998-2004 – The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture,  M. Storozhenko’s studio of Monumental and icon painting, Kiev

2004-2007 - Post-graduate work on probation in NAOMA, Kiev


From 2004 - the Master of painting

From 2008 - Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine

From 2000 year is the constant participant of All-Ukrainian exhibitions and open-air work

Works in the field of easel painting

There are works in private collections of Ukraine and abroad


The last exhibition:

2010 - An exhibition "History of Ukraine in work’s of the Ukrainian artists", the Ukrainian Humanitarian lycée, Kiev

2009 - The All-Ukrainian symposium "the Ukrainian sacral art of end ХХ - the beginnings of the XXI-st centuries", gallery "Hlebnya, Kiev

2009 - An exhibition "Space of aesthetic conceptualism", gallery "Mystec", Kiev

2009 - A personal exhibition "My Ukraine" the Ukrainian Humanitarian lycée, Kiev

2008 - "Ukraine from Tripoli up to now", the National union of artists of Ukraine, Kiev

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